Cavuto to Chris Matthews: Stick your comments up your…

Neil Cavuto rips Chris Matthews a new one over his comments about Chris Christie’s weight, suggesting that he stick his condescending comments up his ‘you know what’.


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24 thoughts on “Cavuto to Chris Matthews: Stick your comments up your…

  1. Sadly, when libs have nothing to say, they have nothing to say…except to resort to ‘playground’ comments. Keep kickin’ sand in Christie’s face, I don’t think he gives a damn…he might even eat your lunch!! now, don’t cry…awww, you’ve got another bad tingle? it’s ok, just Obama PTSD….it’ll pass…really, pretty soon

  2. Nice comeback Neil. But I expect nothing less from Chris Matthews or anybody on the left nowadays. They have no track record of success to support their ideologies so all they have left is insults. It’s pretty pathetic when you stop and think about it.

  3. Chris Matthews is a washed up dirt bag. Now I know that’s not a nice thing to say but hey, it’s the best I could come without using profanity.

  4. I agree with Cavuto. When you attack people on their appearance it is low handed. I mean Chris is one cheeseburger away from being fat himself. He lives in a glass house!

  5. chris matthews is weight challenged himself. he is an inconsequential hypocrite. why doesn’t go after the buffalo butt married to bambam? her behind has continued to expand since they hit the WH.

  6. As a person that is slightly pleasantly plump, what Matthew’s said OFFENDS me, where in the heck is Al Sharpton? It’s time for weight challenged Americans to rise up and start screaming to not take it anymore, especially from ugly people like Matthews.

    I went to a Christmas party this weekend, there was a gentlemen extremely obese and the fat jokes directed at him were just awful, even if meant in jest. I felt really bad for the guy. He took it in stride, I am guessing he is used to it, but still, it is just RUDE and unnecessary to make such remarks.

  7. Go Cavuto Go! As Christie “trims the fat off big NJ Gov. (thanks to corrupt lefties) and holds Mafia Unions accountable..other Governors will follow…….

    No more business as usual liberals….

  8. Obesity is the last acceptable prejudice in our society. And by the way, isn’t anybody aware that Gov. Christie has a personal trainer and has been dieting? How often I’ve heard Matthews’ comments and wondered what planet he’s living on. He frequently criticizes according to hearsay, not what people (Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, et al) actually said.

      1. Prejudices come and go, somewhat like fashion. Prejudices are useful depending on the societal trends. Right now there is a prejudice brewing against people who make more than 250k per year. Obama got many a vote on prejudice alone. That was acceptable as well, at the time. It would be interesting to see a chart or graph of prejudice trends.

        1. Don’t forget lefties. No, I’m not talking politics here but left-handed people. I’m one of them and that’s the only thing “left” about me.

          1. Just wanted to chine in a bit on left-handers, 40+ years ago (maybe even sooner) a lot of lefties were required to learn to write with their right hand. I’ve known a few older people who are left-handed, but write with their right hand because that was the only way it was taught. Since that time, schools have adapted to teach writing based on the dominate-hand, so it’s a little progress.
            Personally, I blame the Romans for the stupid bias.

            1. I’m a 40+ leftie (handed that is) and if it weren’t for my mother’s perseverance with a “progressive” 1st grade teacher (yes, they existed back then), I would have been using my right hand today. The only thing I had to adapt to was using scissors as there were no left handed scissors.

              In today’s tech-savvy world, I use a wireless mouse with my left hand……..

    1. Forget tight abs or glutes or anorexic models or whatever Liberals think is sexy. Chris Christie can park his shoes under my bed any day of the week!!!!!!

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