CBS 60 Minutes DOUBLES DOWN on hit job against Ron DeSantis

CBS 60 Minutes has just released this statement regarding their hit job against Ron DeSantis, doubling down on it as though they didn’t intentionally smear the governor:

This is total garbage. CBS claims they couldn’t get DeSantis to agree to interview, but they left out most of what he told them when their reporter finally got to ask him about the vaccine rollout and Publix. Why would they ignore it? Maybe they couldn’t get an interview with DeSantis, which by the way was a hugely smart move by him. But they still got a strong answer from him and yet they chose to chop it up and only release part of it to fit their narrative.

They are simply not credible. We posted that original exchange when it first happened, not realizing it was a CBS 60 Minutes reporter asking the question. His answer was brilliant, and it’s been backed up by two other Democrats in the state.

What Ron DeSantis told them was the truth and they refused to air it. As the governor said this morning, if they had aired it, along with statements from these two Democrats, it would have blown up their narrative and they wouldn’t have a story.

CBS doesn’t have a leg to stand on and yet they still won’t admit the truth.

By the way, where’s their big 60 Minutes reporting on the governor of New York, who killed thousands of his state’s senior nursing home patients with his horrendous COVID policy and then tried to cover it up? Why would CBS go out of their way to smear a Republican governor whose state put seniors first and vaccinated more of them than most other states when they have someone like Cuomo?

Because they are hacks for the Democratic Party, that’s why.

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