CBS News ends up with egg on its face over Nurse who quit after not being allowed to wear own N95 mask

Last week a nurse claimed that she quit after being told she couldn’t wear her own mask in a Chicago hospital, and therefore she would have to work in the ICU without a mask:

There’s been a lot of claims made about this nurse and her story today, much of which I’ve been unable to verify. People were claiming her story was completely false, but offered no solid evidence as to why. One publication claimed the nurse had admitted that she hadn’t worked at the hospital in a year, but I couldn’t find any evidence of that either.

I felt like her story was dubious, but decided to wait until something more solid came out. Well now it has.

CBS News has finally done a little more digging and put out a clarification from this nurse, named Imaris Vera. Turns out her story was more complicated that she let on:

Well that makes a lot more sense. If you wear a mask into a room with a covid patient, obviously the hospital won’t let you wear the mask outside of the room for fear it’s been contaminated. So her beef was that she wanted to wear her own mask in the hallways, but was denied. I’m guessing the hospital declined her request because of sanitary reasons, because they don’t know where that mask has been because it’s outside of their controlled environment.

So it turns out this is far more reasonable than this nurse led everyone to believe in her initial video, which CBS News put out and failed to check.

The same nurse released a somewhat nutty video expressing her concern about coronavirus a few weeks ago:

That, along with the fact that she’s admitted that she’s dealt with bi-polar depression and anxiety, then I understand now why she quit.

Below are some responses to this ‘clarification’:

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