CBS reporter says Biden’s BUMBLING GAFFES are raising questions about his AGE!

In a much too honest segment on CBS News from Iowa, reporter Ed O’Keefe admits that Biden’s gaffes and his mumbling and bumbling are raising questions about his age.

Wow. If CBS is admitting it, you know it’s getting bad and it’s gonna get worse. I have to admit that at times he really does seem sharp, but at others, I guess when he tires out, he really starts seeming his age.

And that’s to be expected, you just can’t expect to be 100% when you get up there in age. But, I think the voters will begin to notice and it will take its toll, especially when el Presidente Trumpo starts really hitting him hard about it…

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76 thoughts on “CBS reporter says Biden’s BUMBLING GAFFES are raising questions about his AGE!

  1. It’s hard to make stuff up all the time and try and remember what you lied about…That’s all…

  2. The job of POTUS is a very demanding one, physically, mentally, and emotionally. Either you’re qualified to handle it or you’re not.

    Biden is clearly not qualified.

    1. In most cases but for the Democrat party these days I just don’t know, they were prepared to anoint half dead Hillary and that tells me she was going to be a figurehead.

      1. The content of HRC’s brain was uploaded to a DNC server in Uganda, where Russians try to figure out how she got away with everything in the longest crime spree in the history of civilization. They have figured out that, as a little girl, some flashing lights appeared over her house. She disappeared into a shaft of light and was once again seen on the arm of Bill Clinton in 1966, apparently downloaded from an overhead, saucer-shaped server. She had been fully programmed as a Martian Candidate to become President until Bill started his girl thing in the White House. There was no fixing such stupidity, so the rest is history, as improvised on her own steam.

  3. Everything has an expiration date, and Biden has been expired for years.

    His time has come and gone.

  4. He’s been known as Joe Gaff for 50 years, and he’s been mumbling for years. The problems are twofold. One, he refuses to fully commit to the Marxist push demanded by the Alt Left, and two, now that he’s been deemed the front runner his propensity to relate the racist bigotry the left believes but would never say publicly, is becoming a yuge problem.

    1. There is 15 months until the election….NO WAY Slo Joe makes it. He may be these dolts he`s going against in the primary but he will get trounced by Trump. Just watch Trump`s impromptu press conferences….the guy is as sharp as a tack.

  5. The only thing that Biden has is name recognition and what the communist DNC doesn’t have is a good candidate. So they will push Biden in a wheel chair if necessary from one event to the other always hoping that he doesn’t say something stupid. He is right now the one and only puppet from the International Cabal who would be willing to pardon several pedophiles, traitors and criminals, sellout the U.S.A. to China and keep the borders open to human, drugs and guns trafficking.

  6. Sanders and Biden are close to the same age and you can see a major difference in their energy level. Biden hasn’t aged well and he also doesn’t look healthy.

    1. True. Poor Biden has not held up that well over the years while Bernie is just as hyper as he was in his earlier days. I was also surprised to learn the Bloomberg is around the same age as Biden and Sanders; he also seems to be full of energy.

    2. Sanders hasn’t aged all that well himself. He’s got energy, but he’s a blithering idiot.

    1. They had some university in 2016 that had gotten every election since Nixon right that said Bernie was going to be president. Best to always assume you’re behind the 8-ball (racist?), it makes you fight harder.

    2. Don’t have time to watch right now, but did he predict 0’s victory before the ’08 crash?

  7. We shouldn’t be so surprised someone like Omar was elected to Congress when we have multiple examples of doofuses like Biden voted in over and over again.

  8. There’s something you guys don’t understand about Joe Biden.

    OK, this is going to be way out of your guys’ wheelhouse right now but trust me – where I come from in the future, this is all very well documented and understood. See, humans are just walking meatsacks that lead a pointless existence and spend 1/3 of your lives unconscious. But among you are… different… entities that, in your time, you call “supernatural” (sometimes “alien,” but you’ll get past that in about six years when President Sanders explains what real aliens are to everyone).

    Anyway, these “supernaturals,” as you call them. They’re on the fringe of your existence. Your primitive societies seem to have an unconscious knowledge of them that you’ve wrapped in myth and legend in order for your simple monkey brains to continue functioning in a practical way. But these species do exist and do live among you.

    Biden is what you might most closely recognize as a “vampire.” Not any of that hokey cape and fangs and turns into bats and sucks blood crap that your uninspired child-like imaginations come up with – but it’s more that they feed off of a kind of life and mind force that you’re in no way capable of fully grasping. It kind of loosely relates to your notion of a “soul” but it’s far greater than that. Anyway, Joe Biden is a creature that feeds off of this force in order to maintain both his physical and intellectual acumen.

    We used to see him doing it all the time. A grasp of the shoulders to draw energies from the carotid pulse, a lean in towards eyes or ears to make contact with the centers of your brain that contain consciousness – when he does this, he’s feeding. You never notice it, of course – you just think he’s being a creepy weirdo. But, unlike your all-wrong vampire stories, this is what he’s doing. It’s just a discrete draining of force that allows him to continue going.

    Now that he’s on the campaign trail, and his actions are scrutinized a little more, his handlers have asked him to refrain from these behaviors that you regard as off-putting, and it’s clearly taking its toll. You could sense his frustration earlier today when he couldn’t answer a simple question, and so he lashed out to grab a sip of the young lady that asked it of him. That’s what he was doing. Feeding. His life and mind force capacities must be at dangerous levels for him to act that way so brazenly.

    So, it’s not about age (he’s probably like a thousand years old anyway, according to your ancient time-measuring methods) – it’s about his energy forces.

    I know, I know – most of this is going to go way over your guys’ heads. But, I thought I’d try and explain anyway. If anyone has any questions on this, I’ll try to answer them in the simplest terms your species can understand.

    1. I have no disagreement with your general argument. Although should point out that both C.S. Lewis and Anton Lavey wrote of the psychic/soul draining phenomenon some exercise without the pretense of your colorful peripherals and condescension. Not too unlike wolves in sheep clothing, some of our earth bound brethren are just that way.

      Great post, by the way.

    1. Miss Marianne’s poll numbers (number, singular) is… literally 0%. I looked it up last night.

      A Course in Miracles, of which she is the primary teacher, teaches that the world and everything in it is an illusion. One of their main exercises is to pick something and say, This is not real, This is not real, This is not real. (I am not making this up.)

      I honestly wonder what she is doing that with now. Her poll number? Trump? The memes about her?

  9. I still don’t see this as a slip-up. Democrats basically believe that white people are evil and born with a silver spoon in our mouths. If we listened to Democrats we’d believe there weren’t any poor white people and we should be punished for our sins throughout history.

    1. In their eyes, there aren’t any poor white people. They lost them all, after they decided they could win with just black people and urbanites. But they were wrong about that. Too.

        1. I don’t think we have to worry about that! Being wrong seems to be inherent in their DNA.

      1. It’s a bad idea. Put Trump and Biden side by side and only one of them looks like an old man.

  10. Actually, Biden’s ineptness is part of the scheme. The party elders will let him wreck his candidacy
    more and more till they can pretend that the wife of the Ken yan-in-chief will sacrifice herself to
    save the party and run for president.

    The idea is to get Iz lammm back into the White House, so the destruction of America’s liberty and
    power will be complete. But what if Hillary challenges this? 2020 will be her last possible chance,
    and she has enough sycophants to encourage her. Imagine a cage match between these two!

  11. The underlying message here is that Tromp is also too old for the job and should be replaced with someone younger and more woke. Or is that woker?

        1. I used to have a friend who said ”mouse batter” for “much better”. And I always saw, in my mind, little mice swimming around in a bowl of pancake batter.

  12. It’s not only his mind….he looks downright frail, when the camera gets close. And the “cool” aviator sunglasses and whatever work he had done on his face aren’t disguising it any more.

    1. I don’t think that Joe is the one in my opinion. He is viewed as a moderate but is also trying to appeal to the progressive wing of the party at the same time; he cannot and should not try to do both at the same time. This just makes him look floppy and uncertain on his positions–and indicates that he won’t be reliable in the White House. It also seems to indicate to me that he will be too easily swayed by the radicals and we are going to have more gridlock in DC. I prefer someone with more consistent views such as the more moderate Pete Buttigieg and Amy Klobuchar.

      Really, where’s Jim Webb when you need him?

      1. Buttigieg isn’t really more moderate. He’s an extremist. Klobuchar is kind of a head case. The person with the best shot at winning the middle (in the current field) is Gabbard.

        1. Buttigieg is a liberal puritan, moralizing other Christians. Not such a broad base considering his general profile.

  13. Having just recognized [or admitted] Biden’s diminished capacity raises unavoidable questions about democrat candidate availability.

  14. I am for keeping Joe alive and well,we need him as the Democratic nominee.So Mr. president instead of tearing Joe down just say “Joe will be awful tough to beat in the general election”.

  15. Joe will be gone by Labor Day. His team is talking to a group of doctors to determine how best to make the announcement. Joe has not been told.

    1. Dialectical materialism, the core platform of communism, is a here-and-now moment during which everything is changing into something it is not. Call something what it isn’t long enough, and it will become what it’s called. I’ve been called a racist white supremecist so many times and for so long that I think I’m becoming, becoming, oh, no, I’m turning, OMG, I can’t help it, Heil Hitler!

      Seriously, communists know the art of the Big Lie very well and use it with precision and persistence. The last three years are the Hegelian dialectic (thesis/antithesis=compromise in its most diabolical, classic, textbook form, yet no one is calling it out as rooted in the infinite evil of communism. Remember, communism in the edenic wilderness of our origins is innocent, necessary for daily survival. In the civilized world, communism is the here-and-now impulse to destroy everyting old, everything historical, and to hate the good merely for being the good. We should be running up and down the streets shouting, “The Trump derangement syndrome is a communist takeover,” and start calling our representatives to provide them elementary education systematicaly omitted from our public educational systems.

  16. Biden is a trojan horse .The other clowns running for president will soon be jockeying for the Vice President slot knowing that Biden will soon kick the bucket.That will put a far left radical in as President. They know that is the only way in for the socialists

  17. Obama chose Biden for two reasons: 1) Biden has been wrong on nearly every foreign policy issue since he got into politics, and 2) Joe was never going to look more competent than Barack.

  18. RED FLAG ALERT! Send law enforcement to investigate Joe Biden’s mental competency to own firearms. His reccent chain of gaffes fail standard mental orientation assessment and strongly support the disabling condition recently added to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual V.x, “Minimal brain impairment,” common with increasing severity among the 20+ age group, progressing incrementally into pre-senile and geriatric senescence. Joe was over the hill around age 30, when the first spectrum disorder, Minimal Brain Damage (MBD) was launched in our health and social service systems, only to be crushed by parents’ outcry that their children were accused of brain damage so minimal as to not exist. Undeterred, creative social workers marched onward with ADD and ADHD, twin fictitious diseases for which hot street drugs are used as the primary treament among restless, mostly male students, i.e., cocaine-like Ritalin and speedy amphetamines like Adderal. Students thus “treated,” develop a taste for the high life and soar into life high as a kite and often run for president based upon perpetual smile and willingness to say anything for a laugh. NOTE: The Minimal Brain Impairment warning is no joke. Red flag laws under consideration will target the most vulnerable among us, the elders of society, but the horrible danger of red flag laws is that MBI is a spectrum disorder, with no evidence of its existence, and no diagnostic line between MBI and stupidity, forgetting, pre-senile dementia, and Altzheimer’s disease. Red flags may be issued to 911 by friends and relatives of people angry at them, very few of whom present a danger to others. All states have existing laws to protect against persons who appear dangerous based solely upon very recent and here-and-now behaviors. Red flag should call to mind “red” as in communist red. OUTRAGEOUS, EVIL, and of course, LIBERAL. Don’t do it, Donald.

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