CDC’s super sudden two week EPHINANY about vaccines is not at ALL suspicious or weird, media says

vThe press aren’t at all put back on their heels about the CDC’s sudden change of heart on masks and social distancing. It’s all super normal that a week after Fauci said we couldn’t expect things to be almost normal until NEXT Mother’s Day we suddenly have things resetting. Nope.

I mean just look at Martha Raddatz this morning taking it all in stride when the CDC director says that “We now have science that has really just evolved even in the last two weeks that demonstrates that these vaccines are safe, they are effective.”

So we didn’t know that the vaccines they’ve been practically making out with since Biden took office were safe and effective until the last TWO WEEKS????

Raddatz wasn’t at all nonplussed. She asks CDC’s Rochelle Walensky a great question, Walensky not only punts, but INSANELY claims they just now figured out the vaccines are safe and effective, and instead of saying, like “WHAT THE HELL?” Raddatz switches to “so anyway what about these unvaccinated jerks, right?”

And what ABOUT Mother’s Day Fauci?? Any pushback in the press?

Ha ha of course not. They were asking him who should play him in a movie of course!! Seriously, that’s what he was asked on MSNBC today. (He said Al Pacino, ZOMG LIKE FOR REAL)

You have to find any questions and criticism at ALL by going online.

Ain’t science AMAZING??

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