CENSORSHIP: YouTube REMOVES Trump attorney’s opening statement at Senate hearing (but you can watch it here)

Not only does Google know better than you, they know better than the U.S. Senate. And they have more power to do something about their know-it-all-ing than the Senate. They can just de-platform and erase you.

And that’s what they did to Trump attorney Jesse Binall, he says, when they removed a YouTube video he posted of his own testimony before the U.S. Senate.

Good enough for the United States Congress but not good enough for Google? This is a sickening reminder of Twitter’s censoring of Hunter Biden news.

And to the nitpicking libertarians/liberals out there: yes, it is censorship. They are being censored. Not by the U.S. government. But definitely by the INTERNET GOVERNMENT.

Just the News pointed out that Google/Youtube missed one user’s uploaded version. It’s possible they’ll leave it up, now that people have heard what they did. But tech companies lately don’t seem to mind being caught so suppose we’ll see.

Remember, YouTube said flat out they’ll be censoring videos that claim there’s such a thing as tampering with an election. (No word on if that includes the thousands of hours of CNN, MSNBC, Hillary Clinton, Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Michael Moore, Hollywood celebrities, blogger, vloggers, influencers, and others saying Russia tampered with the LAST election.)

Of course, liberals do not care about this or any free speech. Actually hold p a sec, that’s not 100% true. They do care, but only because they LOVE censoring the right. Especially this jerk:

This mess and fascism and wickedness is right out of control and out of the closet. It’s all in the open and they hardly ever try to hide it now.

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