Chairman of DNC calls Supreme Court “ILLEGITIMATE” – What’re you gonna do now, NeverTrumps?

Are David French and Friends still committed to voting for Democrats? Bill Kristol? The entire Bulwark elite establishment D.C. enclave? You and your Lincoln Project friends gonna give up your grift and stop voting Democrat?

FAT CHANCE. Of course they won’t. But this kind of thing just makes them all the more glaring hypocrites than they already were.

How do you like that statement from your new party, Jonathan Last? Let’s hear your rationale now, Charlie Sykes! Tim Miller? No complaints about undermining the process? Suddenly you don’t care about institutions and norms? Well gee whaddya know!?

It’s not just the DNC chair. Every Democrat with access to a TV camera is out there saying this right now, too. Every one of them calling the court illegitimate, demanding to defy it. National Democrats, state Democrats, and the Democrats who run the media are make up its entire on air army. They are all saying this.

Mona Charen? You still gonna keep cashing those DNC/Bulwark checks?

Yeah you are. You’re all going to keep your grift going. You’re exposed. The glaring lights are shining right on your bloody hands and you’re just going to keep on making those bank deposits.


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