Charles Barkley: Cops are AWESOME; The notion they are out there just killing black men is RIDICULOUS

I was worried when I saw Barkley on CNN that he was going to back down from his previous comments. But he didn’t. In fact I think he sounded even more reasonable than before.

For example, Barkley is adamant that the notion that white cops are out there just killing black men is ridiculous and he challenges anyone to try and make that argument. CNN host Brooke Baldwin then asks him about the ‘homicide’ of Eric Gardner by white cops and Barkley immediately hit back, arguing that while there may have been excessive force, cops were just trying to bring the man down and they weren’t trying to kill him. He also noted that when you fight against cops, things just go wrong.

Barkley told Baldwin that the black community has a lot of crooks and there’s a reason why cops racially profile black people at times, admitting that sometimes it is justified.

And there’s more.


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