Chelsea Clinton is clutching every pearl over ‘MONSTROUS’ prank on gun control nuts!!

Chelsea Clinton got lib-triggered so bad that her 12 servants couldn’t figure out which smelling salts to apply first to awaken her from the shock-induced faint.

Here’s what leveled the poor girl:

Rep. Priscilla Giddings is a Republican and after taking a pic with the dour gun grabbing protesters who showed up at the Idaho State GOP Convention, she posted a harmless joke.

“Idaho State University students peacefully protesting our Republican convention. Do you think I should show these girls the empty 30mm shell I have in the truck?”


AN EMPTY SHELL CAN’T HURT YOU, LIBERALS, aside from making your dim-witted brains implode with anger and fear.

Check out some the insane reactions to Chelsea’s tweet:

LOL! Pathetic.

And these comments from some idiotic liberal site:

“I hope I am misunderstanding something here … A PEACEFUL. NON-VIOLENT demonstration and you think they need to see empty shells?! My first thought is what in the hell is wrong with you?!”

Another user wrote: ” So these girls are protesting legally and peacefully, you’re insulting them on social media after you pretend to nicely take a photo with them, and you’re making a tasteless joke about guns the day after a mass shooting? Just want to make sure I’m understanding this situation correctly.”

LOL!! This is great. Where can I donate to Giddings’ campaign? LOL!

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