Cheney: Obama Is Weak And Has Demonstrated Repeatedly He Can Be Pushed Around By Putin

On Fox News Sunday this morning, former Vice President Dick Cheney was asked about the crisis in Ukraine and about Russia in general by host Chris Wallace. Cheney’s answer is no surprise to anyone who has followed his career. Or President Obama’s, to be frank.

Obama’s foreign policy has been nothing if not tepid and weak. The left likes to call the former VP “Darth Cheney” among other, far worse nicknames. If only they had some of that fear and loathing for Putin, maybe they could pressure their weak President to show a little spine.

But probably not.

Full quote:

“Well, I think you’ve got to look beyond just that most immediate crisis. Obviously, we’ve got to deal with that, but there has developed over the years of the Obama administration, I think, a sense on the part of others, that we have a weak government. We saw, for example, the mere request from Putin, President Obama withdrew the plans for a missile defense program based in Poland and the Czech Republic. He’s demonstrated repeatedly, I think, that he in fact can be pushed around, if you will, by the Putins, and I don’t think that Mr. Putin has any hesitation at all from the standpoint of the American president of changing his course of action. I think he’s taken advantage of this opportunity when he thinks we have a weak president to try to restore some of the old Soviet Union.”

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