Chicago mayor ATTACKS Ted Cruz for pointing out how gun control is epic failure in her city

Yesterday Ted Cruz retweeted a Breitbart article noting how many people were killed during just half of the labor day weekend in Chicago, pointing out that Chicago’s gun control laws clearly don’t work:

Cruz is just pointing out the obvious here, that despite all the gun control laws in Illinois and Chicago, they can’t even stop what amounts to a mass shooting every weekend in the windy city. The only people gun control laws truly affect are law abiding citizens.

But Mayor Lightfoot was not impressed with Cruz’s common sense tweet and attacked him as a cowardly Republican whose refusal to enact gun control laws is what keeps the guns rolling into Chicago:

Mayor Lightfoot would rather blame other ‘cowardly’ states for her ‘gun’ problem in Chicago, but the chart tells us the opposite, that her OWN state is far and away the biggest contributor of illegal guns recovered in Chicago.

And if her own gun control laws can’t prevent criminals from getting guns illegally within her own state, then doesn’t that just reinforce Cruz’s point that gun control laws don’t work?

Of course it does, but Mayor Lightfoot would rather spout meaningless clichés at Ted Cruz that make her sound as dumb as a box of rocks than embrace the truth.

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