‘CHINA INC.’ Hunter’s imprisoned business pal has goods on PRIVATE, Off-the-Books Biden meet-up with commies and ‘investors’

A completely separate set of newly revealed emails – that is, unrelated to the New York Post story that has been censored by the Biden Media at Twitter and CNN – reveal “how a delegation of Chinese investors and Communist Party officials managed to secure a private, off-the-books meeting with then-Vice President Joe Biden.”

Bevan Cooney, a “one-time Hunter Biden and Devon Archer business associate” provided the emails, which are his own, to Peter Schweizer, author of Profiles in Corruption, as explained in the explosive new report from Breitbart.

Here’s a detail of the provenance, which Twitter CANNOT block under the flimsy pretense of exposing “hacked” material or whatever garbage defense they offered for their campaign contribution.

In 2019, Cooney reached out to Schweizer after becoming familiar with the revelations in his 2018 book Secret Empires. Cooney explained that he believes he was the “fall guy” for the fraud scheme and that Archer and Hunter Biden had avoided responsibility.

Archer, who was also convicted in the case, saw a federal judge vacate his conviction. But an appellate court overturned the lower court judge’s ruling, reinstating Archer’s conviction in the case. Archer, Hunter Biden’s longtime business partner, awaits sentencing.

Cooney, their associate who is currently serving a prison sentence on his conviction in the matter, later reestablished contact with Schweizer through investigative journalist Matthew Tyrmand. From prison, Cooney provided Schweizer with written authorization, his email account name, and password to his Gmail account to retrieve these emails. He authorized, in writing, the publication of these emails— notable because it is the first time a close associate has publicly confirmed Hunter’s trading on his father’s influence.

Got it? That’s a legit chain of custody right there, y’all. Tough luck, Twitter commies.

The emails offer a unique window into just how the Biden universe conducted business during the Obama-Biden Administration. These associates sought to trade on Hunter Biden’s relationship with, and access to, his father and the Obama-Biden White House in order to generate business.

Those emails are available for reading in PDF at the article link.

It’s a lot to sort through and digest, and there are a lot of players, but the summary is simple. The Chinese investors and Communist Party officials, which Hunter Biden’s business associates lovingly referred to as “China, Inc.,” wanted access to the Vice President and the White House. And they were willing to do favors to get them, through Hunter.

Here’s a taste:

“I know it is political season and people are hesitant but a group like this does not come along every day,” an intermediary named Mohamed A. Khashoggi wrote on behalf of the CEC to an associate of Hunter Biden and Devon Archer. “A tour of the white house and a meeting with a member of the chief of staff’s office and John Kerry would be great,” Khashoggi said before including what should have been a major red flag: “Not sure if one has to be registered to do this.” Presumably, Khashoggi meant a registered lobbyist under the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA).

After quite a bit of back and forth email between intermediaries and Hunter’s associates, “the Obama-Biden Administration archives reveal that this Chinese delegation did indeed visit the White House on November 14, 2011, and enjoyed high-level access,” writes Schweizer. “But those records also obscure perhaps the most important item for the Chinese delegation: a meeting with Vice President Joe Biden himself.”

You should read the whole thing, there’s a whole mess more of this mess.

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