Chris Christie is a fake, phony, and a fraud?

Tom Marr substituted for Mark Levin on Thursday and just raked Christie over the coals on a variety of issues, including illegal immigration, dining with the Chinese President, and pandering to radical Islam. He calls him a fake, a phony, and a fraud. It’s a very interesting segment:

(Marr’s monologue only runs for 11 minutes and then he starts taking callers. Not sure why the author included the callers but just fyi)

Just as a note, Levin said last night that the wouldn’t go as far as Tom did, but that he has serious issues with Christie, namely Christie not signing up New Jersey for the lawsuit against ObamaCare.

The article Marr referred to by Steve Emerson is here.

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59 thoughts on “Chris Christie is a fake, phony, and a fraud?

  1. Christie, Palin, Gingrich, et. al, are irrelevant. Obama will be re-elected primarily because so-called “conservatives” that this nitwit are out of touch with reality and with modernity. They long for an America that never was, fabricated by revisionist radio entertainers. Their encomiums and panegyrics to Joe McCarthy and Ronald Reagan are good examples. All these guys like Mark Levin and 4-time wed, drug infested Rush “Viagra Moose” Limbaugh never did anything productive. They just rant and rave to the choir. Sad bunch of effete, ineffectual snobs.

  2. Don’t forget Christie’s affinity for “renewable energy.” I’ve had issues with Christie over that for some time for his supporting Cap & Trade.

  3. He’s done as far as I’m concerned. Anybody want I’ll give it to you for free! No kidding – you can contact me via FaceBook – it’s all yours. (bet I have no takers!!)

  4. Let look at what he’s actualy done with the unions besides mouthing off to teachers; fired any bad ones? no. reaction to tapes of union convention? none. Any cuts? no. He’s frooze there pay. I wish I was making what I was in 08. If He had any balls he would pass right to work laws & school vouchers, or bust the public unions(cancers), which is what we should demand in every state! What he’s doing is saving there ass.———–Google-conseritive myth-

    1. I like myself! 🙂 I’m still listening, almost done! He’s reminding me of all the feelings why I cringe when Christie’s name, but this says it very well! His intonation isn’t as loud as Levin’s but his logic and wording is, as the British would say, “SPOT ON”!

  5. Agreed, Christie is a good governor and he is good on budgets and education reform. He also has a fabulous communications strategy. Other than that I am saddened and disappointed by some of his choices. As Governor of NJ I am glad to see him there, as someone like a budget director I would be fine with him in such a position, but as President of the United States, no way.

  6. Nobody can carry the Repub Banner because at least half of so called Republicans are not CONSERVATIVE. I will only support a REAL conservative. I like Huckabee but he, Rom-Ging and others are not TRUE Conservatives. So….show me the real deal or go home. I’m tired of all these Games!!

  7. It’s about time people started to notice that Cristie is a RINO. I enjoyed listening to Tom Marr and was happy that he brought these facts up on Cristie. Any Govenor that would sign legislation that would make all bicycles have a licence to be legal is outrageous. Just thinking about having to stand in line at the DMV for a license on a 6 yr old’s bicycle is enough to make a parent get the kid a push scooter. Bikes in NJ will be put away.

  8. Thank God Christie is not a stepford politician like most of the GOP candidates. He has a brain and is not scared to stand up the the Palinstream media like Fox New or talk radio hacks. Go Christie!

  9. This is SEVERELY damaging to his credibility in my eyes. I appreciate what he has done in some areas, but the other areas are way to compromising and thus far weightier.

  10. I’ve only heard two people talk about this..Marr and Malzberg. I haven’t read about it ANYWHERE else. @THEBLAZE I’ve asked on different posts days ago(off subjects) why no one is reporting this. I didn’t see this reported on Drudge, HotAir, TH, nor FNC…nowhere. I’m getting the feeling even our own right wing news is holding out for some reason?. Although it’s EVERYWHERE when he goes on a tirade. Hmmmm ..I don’t like it.

    1. Because it isn’t news? He isn’t a Presidential candidate. He hasn’t said he wants to run. He’s actually said the opposite. Right now, he’s just the Gov. of NJ. Do you care what the Gov. of South Dakota’s stance is on the GZ Mosque? I don’t. I feel the same about Christie.

      1. He isn’t a Presidential candidate. That’s the only point I agree with you on. Yes, I do care what the Gov.of SD stance is on the mosque. When Dennis Daugaard makes his stance, I’ll care. But I’m pretty sure what it is. UNLIKE Gov Christie. He IS just the Gov. of NJ…THAT’S THE WHOLE POINT!! HIM, AND HIM ONLY appoints the NJ state judges! If it was only his OPINION on the mosque..ok. BUT HE APPOINTED THIS JUDGE!….ONE THAT IS GOING TO INTERPRET LAW!!
        I’m giving you a benefit of the doubt that you know, (IMHO) more than half the reasons(more socially, but also fiscally) we are where we are, is because of stupid liberal, agenda driven courts.

  11. One politician who does get the threat of radical Islam is Allen West, who has made very strong statements about what is necessary to defeat them. We really do need someone on the 2012 ticket that understands this threat and doesn’t feel like the current administration that worries much more about Muslim terrorist’s rights and their poor little feelings over the safety of American’s.

  12. “…Chris Christie is a fake, phony, and a fraud…”

    Nice alliteration.

    That’s the only thing I like about it.

  13. The illegal immigration has always bothered me, but the fact is it isn’t the biggest problem in New Jersey. Sometimes you have to take a guy even if he isn’t perfect because he’s willing to tackle the biggest problem. Union’s and government spending are this counties number 1 problem, depending on the field, I could find myself voting for Christie even though I disagree with his entire outlook on illegal immigration.

    That said, the Muslim stuff doesn’t bother me in the least.

  14. Don’t care about illegal immigration (reforming taxes and entitlements would fix problems associated with them), Christina O’Donnell had no chance of winning, don’t care about the mosque or Islam. He’s busting up unions and fighting taxes. That’s enough for me.

    1. You’re right reforming taxes would fix the problems caused by illegal immigration, but I haven’t heard Christie openly speak about some sort of fair tax. If he did, then I’d be ok with his stance on illegal immigration.

      1. I agree about the fair tax. Illegal immigrants would actually be paying for welfare without getting much in return.

        I just don’t think we should punish them when they’re not the real source of the problem. And not all of them are a drain on our economy, I’d say the majority aren’t or are a net plus.

  15. Yay! Someone like me that thinks Christie is rotten. He is the Big Bad Wolf. Thanks for posting!

    How come Lars Larson doesn’t make it on this site?

  16. Just out of curiosity, if we determine Right-wing to mean less government and Left-wing to mean more government, surely enforcing borders and calling people “illegal immigrants” is actually a left-wing position.

    Thus, open borders could be considered right-wing because it would be the position that requires least government.

    So Chris Christie would therefore be right-wing on immigration.

    This is all based on the assumption that Right means private sector and Left means public sector. Indeed, surely the Minutemen are the Right-wing solution to immigration and the Feds are the Left-wing solution to immigration.

    1. Open borders require “least” government – what you be smokin man? it requires more government to extract more taxes to support everything they come here for – health, welfare, even our jails are filling up with them, so that’s more taxes to hire more prison guards. Then let’s see if Mexico is in agreement on “open borders” not just with US but with anyone else – people just traipse across the border and take up residence in Mexico. Best go see how Mexico feels about illegal foreign nationals and how they get treated.

    2. There are very FEW jobs our government is actually SUPPOSED to do, and one of those is to PROTECT us. Securing our borders would fit that bill.

  17. If this is true it is upsetting and I hope Christie can share some good reasons for his decisions. I am surprised about the illegals issue and not being one of the states suing the Fed Gov over Obamacare as well as the other issues Tom Marr brought up.

    It was a good ride thinking Christie is on our side, and now it’s time that Chris Christie hears from the people where he is going astray. There will always be things that we will not agree with and it’s not possible to like every decision. But these things are serious issues I would like answers.

    Question: Tom Marr mentions a Ramadan breakfast????
    Ramadan is a month long fast, each day until sundown so what is the breakfast about?

    I really hope Tom Marr is incorrect or maybe does not have all the info.

    1. It’s all true, Tom Marr left out that Christie doesn’t support gun laws either. Let’s take away their guns so they can’t defend themselves when we want to take over when all hell breaks lose…
      Our founders included the 2nd Amendment for a very good reason.

    2. Mr. Marr has merely just begun on Christie. Christie did indeed endorse Castle. Christie did indeed nominate a founder of the American Muslim Union, one of many spin off groups of the Muslim Brotherhood in America.

      He’s not just a phony, he’s a big fat phony. ( I only say that because it is phun)

    3. Mr. Marr has merely just begun on Christie. Christie did indeed endorse Castle. Christie did indeed nominate a founder of the American Muslim Union, one of many spin off groups of the Muslim Brotherhood in America.

      He’s not just a phony, he’s a big fat phony. ( I only say that because it is phun)

  18. Tom is usually spot on about local Progressive Maryland issues. Therefore, I respect his position about Christie.

  19. The following info. I have CM to blame…Thanks alot.. Christie has been a champion against Unions and Bull Puckie, but this Islam stuff is over the top and just about negates any of the good stuff…..

    What this is and is not:

    THIS IS VERY VERY BAD……… THIS IS NOT what I want to be researching.

    {Muslim Mayor K KHAIRULLAH of Prospect Park, NJ was sworn into office by Muslim Superior Court judge Hani MAWLA. Notice how he is sworn in on a QURAN, the same book that tells Muslim to convert or kill all non-believers in Islam.}

    Now I know why all the gas stations are run by Muslims in NJ. – Griz

    {Passaic County has the second largest Muslim population in the country. And the Islamic Center of Passaic County is the state’s largest mosque, and it’s the only one run by an an Imam who was a member of the Hamas terrorist organization. But when the United States government attempted to deport Mohammed Qatanani, New Jersey’s pols and wannabe pols like Christie, quickly came to his aid. Despite the fact that Mohammed Qatanani was a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, the organization that is behind both Al Qaeda and Hamas,}

    This is very painful. If we don’t get a military guy in office in 2012 ……..GRIZ

    Hugh Fitzgerald reminds us:
    “The chief weapon in the quiver of all Islamist expansionist movements, is the absolute necessity to keep victims largely unaware of the actual theology plotting their demise. To complete this deception, a large body of ‘moderates’ continue to spew such ridiculous claims as “Islam means Peace” thereby keeping non-Muslims from actually reading the Qur’an, the Sira, the Hadith, or actually looking into the past 1400 years of history. Islamists also deny or dismiss the concept of ‘abrogation’, which is the universal intra-Islamic method of replacing slightly more tolerable aspects of the religion in favor of more violent demands for Muslims to slay and subdue infidels”

    Obviously I’m (Griz) not talking about Islam, because Islam is a Religion of Peace. Everybody knows that good Muslims are tolerant and find a perfect fit within the welcoming arms of America. You all know that only hypocrites, stupid, narrow minded, intolerant, Islamophobes stereotype all of Islam, which backs them into a corner forcing them to fly jets into buildings, kill, rape, bomb subways and chop off heads. If it wasn’t for lying conservative media we wouldn’t even know this was going on.

    1. “{Muslim Mayor K KHAIRULLAH of Prospect Park, NJ was sworn into office by Muslim Superior Court judge Hani MAWLA. Notice how he is sworn in on a QURAN, the same book that tells Muslim to convert or kill all non-believers in Islam.}”

      “The Senators and Representatives before mentioned, and the Members of the several State Legislatures, and all executive and judicial Officers, both of the United States and of the several States, shall be bound by Oath or Affirmation, to support this Constitution; but no religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office or public trust under the United States.”

      1. The scope of Article VI was made clear by the writers and ratifiers of the U. S. Constitution: Muslims could be elected to office – but only if the people of that district desired it. Justice Joseph Story, placed on the Court by James Madison, therefore explained in his famous Commentaries on the Constitution that because of Article VI, on the federal level it was possible that . . .

        ‘the Catholic and the Protestant, the Calvinist and the Armenian, the Jew and the Infidel [Muslim], may sit down at the common table of the national councils without any inquisition into their faith or mode of worship.’ 62

        Through the Constitution, the Framers had constrained the federal government; however, they had left the people completely free – that is, the federal government could not apply any religious test, but the voters could. As a court explained in 1837:

        ‘The distinction is a sound one between a religion preferred by law, and a religion preferred by the people without the coercion of law – between a legal establishment which the present constitution expressly forbids . . . and a religious creed freely chosen by the people for themselves.’63

        David Barton – Wallbuilders


          Barbary Powers War, lasted thirty-two years, involved six years of active overseas warfare against Muslim terrorists, and spanned four U. S. presidencies: those of George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and James Madison. 14

          By the end of Adams’ administration, extortion payments to the Muslim terrorists accounted for 20% of the federal budget. 41
          When Thomas Jefferson became President in 1801, having personally dealt with the Muslim Barbary Powers for almost two decades, he had already concluded that there were only three solutions to the terrorist problem: (1) pay the extortion money, (2) keep all American ships out of international waters (which would destroy American commerce), or (3) use military force to put an end to the attacks. 42 Jefferson discarded the first two options, rejecting the second as a matter of bad policy, and the first because:

          I was very unwilling that we should acquiesce in the . . . humiliation of paying a tribute to those lawless pirates. 43
          He supported the third option, acknowledging:
          I very early thought it would be best to effect a peace through the medium of war. 44

          After four years of fighting, in 1805 Tripoli signed a treaty on America’s terms, thus ending their terrorist aggressions. (It is from the Marine Corps’ role in that first conflict with Muslim terrorists from 1801-1805 that the opening line of the Marine Hymn is derived: “From the halls of Montezuma to the shores of Tripoli . . .”)

          David Barton – Wallbuilders – see previous post for site address.


            America quickly subdued Algiers and brought her to the peace table where in July 1815, Algiers ratified a treaty freeing all Christians and ending future slavery of Christians. 51 The American fleet then sailed for Tunis, but immediately after their departure, Algiers renounced the treaty.

            However, two of the other nations being harassed by Muslim terrorists (Great Britain and the Netherlands) brought their fleets against Algiers and promptly defeated her, convincing Algiers to sign a new peace treaty. 52

            Barton cont.

            Tell me what has changed… Who’s oppressing whom around the world?


              Because of Biblical influences and Christian civil leadership in colonial America, Americans early adopted a Free-Market approach to religion, establishing that approach in law and policy. Significantly, Christian leaders did not advocate this approach because they were indifferent to Christianity or because they believed all religions were equal; they held an opposite position on both points. However, based on Biblical teachings, Christians believed that individuals must make their own voluntary choices about their own faith, and then live with the consequences, even if that choice meant (from a Christian’s viewpoint) the difference between Heaven and Hell.
              God established this approach as His modus operandi from the very beginning. In fact, after creating Adam and Eve and placing them in the Garden of Eden, He allowed them a choice – a choice that meant the difference between continued fellowship with Him or separation from Him. There was neither force, nor pressure, nor coercion applied to their decision; it was completely their voluntary choice. They chose poorly, and then lived with the consequences of their choice. God could have prevented them from choosing wrongly, but He allowed them the choice.

              Barton cont.

              You’re darn right, I’ll cut and paste truth any day….

              1. And in this corner, winner by knockout and dizzying array of literature!

                Grizmarelda, a Bears Bear! She, who puts the Major in Ursa(!) with a double-minor in ripping your head clean off!

                YOU GO GrrrrrrrrrL!

  20. Yes, Tom delivered one of the most punishing and relentless political smackdowns I’ve seen anyone give (or get) in a long time. Olbermann would have drooled over it. I would describe it as ‘shocking’. Be interesting to see how Christie responds. Seems unlikely he could let it just dangle out there…

  21. Won’t go so far as “fraud.” But I am very disturbed by this. I spent a segment on Mark Davis yesterday discussing it – I’ll have the pod cast posted as soon as it is available.

    The worst offense to me is that either Christie knows about Mohammed’s background and doesn’t care, or he doesn’t realize how dangerous it is. Either way, it shows a lack of judgment…a BIG lack of judgment… How I wanted to like Christie, too! Oh well… par for the course. Doesn’t help national cynicism any, does it?

  22. Won’t go so far as “fraud.” But I am very disturbed by this. I spent a segment on Mark Davis yesterday discussing it – I’ll have the pod cast posted as soon as it is available.

    The worst offense to me is that either Christie knows about Mohammed’s background and doesn’t care, or he doesn’t realize how dangerous it is. Either way, it shows a lack of judgment…a BIG lack of judgment… How I wanted to like Christie, too! Oh well… par for the course. Doesn’t help national cynicism any, does it?

    1. H- You’re speaking my language. But as smart as Christie is how can he not see how dangerous Islam is…

      So far my explanation for anyone doing this is – FOLLOW THE MONEY. And Islam is pumping tons of it into America.

      Compulsion in religion and the freedom to disbelieve – Video

      1. Yep – I am afraid you’re right. With some half million Muslims in Passaic County, we have to assume pandering. Which leads us to a couple more uncomfortable places: First: it stinks that we have to assume pandering, but with the constant lies, deceit and fraud coming out of politicians these days, we’re left with no choice. Second, if he is pandering, what does that say about the half million Muslims in Passaic County? That in order to pander to them, Christie must bow to a terrorist supporting lawyer and put him on the bench? Hardly a recognition of moderate Islam. Uh Oh…I feel a blog in the works….

  23. I don’t like the man. When I saw him and his wife waltz out of the state dinner hosted for the enemy of the United States, that told me all I need to know about him. For a very big man, he appeared very, very small. So did his wife. I commend him on his stance towards the public sector unions but he is a huge failure otherwise. You’re a flop Christie.

    1. Still trying to figure out if he is, in fact, a RINO. Many of his positions are so clearly conservative. I am wondering if maybe he is just so inexperienced (by his own admission) that he doesn’t know any better on some of this stuff? Either way…I think I’ll be stepping off the Christie bandwagon until this proves out more thoroughly…

      1. I agree, Mr. Brooks! … that’s why it infuriates me when “people/pundits” start spouting that he should be the Republican presidential nominee before he’s even been in office 6 MONTHS!!!! I LOVE what he is doing standing up to the teachers’ unions, but that in and of itself does not make him a conservative. Let these guys finish at least one term … preferable two so they aren’t just pandering for re-election …. before their names are tossed into a hat. And before Palin’s name is kicked around … she has repeatedly been on record touting her conservative principles and standing by them so there is NO DOUBT where she stands on issues or the fact that she stands by her convictions. At least IMHO!

        1. Three months ago I commented, on this site, about your apprehensions re: Chris Christie: I got my head bit off by The Right Scoop. Perhaps now might be the opportunity to revisit my previous points. My problem with heralding THE new political “messiah” is the same issues I’ve got with the unfounded adulation from 2008 on The Activist-in-Chief; no legislative experience/accomplishments, poor voting legacy, and lack of deeds. Most Americans failed to perform ANY due diligence on Ol Barry. Before we coronate Chris Christie, let’s at least judge his conservative cred’s, if any, while running a VERY lefty state…

          1. Other than the fact that I am naturally cautious with ALL politicians, one of my very first real issues came up when he came out and stumped for Meg Whitman. I admired his stand on going up against the unions. That at the time was what he was getting all his positive press about … but THEN he came out to support Meg who is herself a RINO and never took a stand against the unions, even when pressed by the local Tea Party. I had to question WHY he would do that if he was a staunch conservative???

    2. I don’t know much about Tom Marr. That Levin would have him as a sub, says that his values are certainly conservative. His critique on Christie became a bit of a tangent. I would like to see more of Christie before passing judgment. I am not from New Jersey, so I had no say in his election. His stand against unions and additional taxes is certainly a good thing. But let’s look at the GOP in comparison.
      Alaska’s GOP primary found Joe Miller a better choice than Murkowski. However, in the general election, the GOP washed their hands of Miller. Not because they didn’t believe that Miller could win against the Dem. candidate,but because they knew that Murkowski was part of the establishment.
      My first reaction to Mr. Marr’s comments is to verify some of the statements.

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