Chris Matthews and Joy Reid Think Benghazi and Fast & Furious are HILARIOUS

Today on Hardball, host Chris Matthews had a discussion – and you may want to sit down for this because it’s a real shocker – had a discussion about the so-called “Bridgegate” “scandal” in New Jersey, with guests David Corn and Joy Reid.

MATTHEWS: Okay. There was an editorial for action right there. It’s like a little set of buttons. I said it’s almost like in Manchurian Candidate, just show the queen of diamonds. Just show it, just show the words. Just say Benghazi and the right wing starts twittering and quittering and they go excited. And just say Fast & Furious to the gun guys out there, and they go crazy, you know IRS. But tell me about the PR and the method of operation and what it possibly has to do with a very clear, serious scandal in Jersey, which is on the record now.

REID: And I actually watched that last night and was thinking exactly what you’re thinking. It sort of shows you the extent to which the right wing media has sort of body snatched the political class on the right, where these myths that live in minds and nightmares and terrors and night terrors of conservatives in the base have now infected their ability to do politics.

Ha ha ha ha, stupid Republicans. Americans being dead is such a dumb thing to worry about, with your twittering and your … you know I can’t even do my sarcastic Matthews voice here. Because seriously, what the hell was he doing? Was he raising the roof or having a seizure?

The general point they are making is that it is stupid of Republicans to compare the Christie bridge scandal to things like Benghazi or Fast & Furious or the IRS targeting conservative groups. I agree it’s dumb to make that comparison, but what is amazing is that Matthews and Reid think it’s dumb because the bridge story is so much more serious. Honestly, I had to watch it three times to make sure I wasn’t hallucinating.

Reid goes even further, calling the Obama scandals myths! Someone has been reading their Media Matters talking points.

MSNBC today had wall-to-wall coverage of “bridgegate”. Actually wall-to-wall doesn’t really describe it fully. It was more like wall-to-wall, ceiling-to-floor, front-to-back, top-to-bottom, person-to-person, HOUR TO HOUR MINUTE TO MINUTE SECOND TO SECOND OH MY GOD LOOK AT THIS RIGHT NOW BECAUSE NOTHING THIS IMPORTANT OR SCANDALOUS HAS EVER HAPPENED TO ANYONE EVER AND WE INCLUDE NERO FIDDLING WHILE ROME BURNED WHICH THIS BASICALLY IS THE SAME AS BUT WITH MORE BRIDGES!!

I’m saying. They really covered this story.

MSNBC and the democrats as a whole (but I repeat myself) want this story to be the biggest political scandal of 2014, and since it’s only January, they really have to milk this puppy. Anyone who watches MSNBC knows .. both of us know … that the democrats are terrified of 2014. They are desperate to pretend Obamacare is a huge success, they are desperate to pretend that the economy is going swimmingly, and they are absolutely “my name is Inigo Montoya” OBSESSED with getting the focus moved away from the countless scandals, debacles, missteps, misspokes, general incompetence and rank partisan grotesqueries that have plagued the office of The One. In their sad, fumbling, mouth-drooling glee to achieve that goal, they’ve overreached on the Christie scandal to such an extent it makes John Lennon’s “more popular than Jesus” quote seem like a perfectly commonplace comparison. ‘Would you like some bread? It’s better than Jesus. Then we can talk about the myth of Benghazi.’

But of course, this desperation will prove fruitless. Try as they might, and they try mightily, the Obama scandals are not just going to pack their bags and run along home because of Chris Christie. So keep clawing at the sides of that hole MSNBC. You’re just pulling the mud down on top of you.

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112 thoughts on “Chris Matthews and Joy Reid Think Benghazi and Fast & Furious are HILARIOUS

  1. Caleb’s absolutely right, they are truly desperate. Here are the two primary reasons they’re so desperate right now, and the first of these IS HAPPENING TODAY:

    You know what I thought when I read the one brief blurb I was willing to tolerate about “the bridge scandal”? I thought, “Who cares?” Maybe I’m shell-shocked by all the LEFT-wing REAL scandals involving the U.S. Constitution being trampled on with contempt by the entire obama REGIME, and the BETRAYAL of Americans in Benghazi, and the total wreckage of the US economy by the ineligible, unqualified, pathological narcissist in the White House. Or the forced continuing dependence on our deadliest enemies for energy while crushing the domestic energy industry. Or … I could go on for a long time.

    So drop dead, mathews, reid, and corny. You’re nothing to do with news and everything to do with propaganda. Covering your pathetic boss’s rear while he finishes off freedom and the rule of law. You are co-conspirators with him.

  2. Criminally stupid libtard parasites…

    Jersey is a scandal?!?!

    I find it amazing that this clique of clowns got out of their normal position long enough to make these stupid comments…

  3. I agree with them completely – the Benghazi debacle and Fast and Furious were both Hillary-ous.

    Let’s make sure she never approaches the White House again.

    1. She can’t. It’s in their blood to try and make things better for everyone. The worst pair of a-holes since bammy.

  4. Well look, it’s MSNBC so it’s only what one expects, morons on parade. I played to the clip to see if David Corn bough in on the hilarity because once upon a time, he was what used to pass for an intelligent liberal, er, communist, by his own description iirc. Though now if he’s on MSNBC, what can you expect. For that matter there was a time when Matthews wasn’t an idiot. There is no rationality to what is shown on MSNBC. They laugh at known deaths, dereliction of duty, and known facts, if they are not pretty or convenient, and glom onto something trivial instead. Matthews *is* a squirrel these days, and if you tune in you can watch him and his nuts, but you are unlikely to learn any facts about any issues.

  5. It’s going to be a fun day when their hopes and dreams come crashing down…and tingles has to be committed..not that he shouldn’t have been long ago…

  6. Sure would love to see this Peace Corpse Veteran…in a life and death struggle with a Vet-Terrorist , Baby-Killing NAZI…like ME !!!!!!!!! My goodness the FUN OF IT ALL…

  7. Suggest you meaningless (D)em-wits stay away from those hilarious Seal Team ..”fellos”…might get REAL serious REAL quick..ya know (D)udes.

  8. I hope they both die in a terror attack, along with the rest of their ilk. You’re still a target, NYC, and D.C. Remember that, because you might be next. Oh, I hope.

    If they were on fire, I’d spit on them.

  9. (this retweeted 15+ times yetserday)

    #AskRobbie What do U think of this stern, sobering comment made by @SarahPalinUSA wrt #Benghazi deaths of 4 Americans

  10. 1st I want to say that I am not a Christie supporter. That being said, there is some glaring hypocrisy going on and it is from the ilk Mr. (tingle up my leg) Matthews and his liberal hug fest buddies. Benghazi, the IRS, The Affordable Healthcare Act, Fast & Furious, his DOJ’s constant medaling in state affairs, the bogus charges of Racism, the “You didn’t build that, someone else did, the attack on voter I.D. Obama’s refusal to enforce immigration law, his blatant waste of money by organizations under his control, and the list keeps on growing. Fact is the big three, AHA, Fast & Furious and the IRS targeting is only the tip of the iceberg of lies. Obama still hasn’t provided documents defending his little real estate issue. Listen Tingles and company, you all need to grab your ears, pull hard, and when you hear the pop you will have removed your head out of your lower orifice better known as your…well a$$, Sorry, I purposely wait for a day for the posting on this thread to die down as I didn’t want to offend anyone.

        1. Except when they have to apologize. Then they walk around yelling at all of the minimum wage minority employees.

  11. Of course they do, they are liberals! Life means NOTHING to them and Americans are useless unless they support the liberal cause!

  12. Chris Mathews is out of touch with the real world – he is such a butt kisser with Obama it really is disgusting. Good thing nobody watches MSNBC anyways – COMCAST employees should be ashmaed their Company bought a dumb network like NBC that has a bunch flaming liberals like MSNBC – all you folks paying huge cable bills this is what you get!

      1. Put them in a cell with blow-up pics of Rush/Sarah…watch the (D)erelicts go into (D)eranged TELE-TANTRUM mode and burst…Oh the JOY!!!!!!!

    1. Liked the “carpet bomb” reference. I was stationed in Bremerhaven Germany, which being a deep sea port was blanket bombed in World War II. For anyone unfamiliar, lets just say that Bremerhaven has very little left standing from pre World War II, unlike much of Germany down south. The navy yard museum at the Columbus center still has a U-boat that you can go aboard. Like I tell many of my students, it is one thing to read history, it is a whole other thing to actually walk through history.

  13. Thanks Caleb! So nice to have you here. I’ve been starving for a little commentary to go along with the great videos that the Right Scoop posts. There are a lot of times that I don’t gave time to watch a video. Most of the time the videos load extremely slow and its annoying. It loads fine on other websites and loads fine if I use my laptop to watch vids on here but using an Android phone here it doesnt. Blah blah blah…I know.

    As for Chris Mathews and that Reid skank, I would like to slap the living sh** out of both of them. Chris Mathews would do well to stay more than arms length away from me because if he didn’t I would karate chop him in the throat. Steven Seagal would be proud. How dare they make light of the deaths of Americans in Libya. Its just sickening and insane. Two hundred years ago they would’ve already been shamed into heading to the woods and disappear. Maybe hung. What utter traitors to this country. One of my favorite movies is Clint Eastwoods “Hang’em High”. I second that motion. Sorry for the rant. I’m impossible to follow sometimes when I get pissed like this. Thanks Scoop and Caleb for the good work.

    1. You’re so weak minded. So easily lead…………
      Why don’t you look into history a little bit, save your angst for some real scandals.

      1. Huh? Weak mindedness is when you reply to comment with something that has nothing to do with what I said. I think, its hard to tell what the heck you mean. Please explain further so my,apparently, dumb a$$ can understand. Thanks so much ma’am.

        1. OK, here’s a few:
          How, and why we entered a war in the middle east, invaded the wrong country, and destroyed the economy, I think that deserves a ‘scandal’ rating.
          Income inequality, edging toward the same rate it was prior the the Great Depression, and neither party is addressing it.
          Education, the rise of ‘charter schools’ that are lowering standards even more. Along with the desire to influence education with false science (intelligent design), and false history (i.e. lies about the founding fathers) or what made the middle class.
          There are a few ‘scandals’ for you.
          The dumbing down of a nation.
          The erosion of the middle class.
          Worry about that.

          1. You’re a riot. How is it scandal that the war was entered by Congressional approval, which seems to matter little to the dear leader who has put boots on the ground in more countries than GW ever did, and while we’re at it, providing direct aid to the same terrorists who attacked us and still fight against our military now.
            Destroyed the economy. Well I’ll partially give you that as most Conservatives I know were NOT thrilled with the original bail out under GW, but before you choke on the hypocrisy sandwich I’ll just say, Obama, Reid and other progressives were against raising the debt ceiling by billions before they were for raising the debt ceiling by trillions.

            As for education- so called “charter schools’ lowering standards? That’s rich. Since when has it become law that parents have no choice where to have their children educated? Where in the Constitution does it say that all children must be ‘educated’ in government run thought indoctrination institutions?

            Education once was the best in this country, and wow, even when we weren’t spending BILLIONS every year kids were learning more. Hate to tell you but having once size fits all federally mandated standards never has and never will work, and it’s never been about the kids anyway- it’s been about being able to control them when they graduate.

            As for False history, lies, and intelligent design when those things were taught in schools, kids were better educated.

            At least back then they knew they were individuals, unique, had respect for themselves and others instead of being taught they were descended and behaving like animals.

            I do worry. I worry about the decades of progressive Marxist lies which have destroyed and brainwashed enough generations now that we have a ruling class of ignorant, selfish disrespectful sheep who believe in government as their god and who have willingly given their inherent freedoms away so they could be taken care of by their god.

            I worry about the men and women who fight now under the so called leadership who has mocked, disrespected, dishonored and demoralized them- all while they are fighting an enemy who our dear leader has provided aid and comfort to-

            1. Isn’t it something when you talk to an idiot liberal and they bring up income inequality? They know nothing. They don’t know that under Obama 96% of the wealth created in this country has gone to the top 2%. When you hit’em with that one all you hear is bashing of teeth or silence. And I’m weak minded. I pity the fool.

      2. Educate us oh great wise one.

        Tell us how four Americans, sent by their democrat leaders, left to die at the mercy of crazed killers, lied about for political advantage, never investigated, called “bumps in the road’ and Hillary lied to their families faces about what happened and then claimed “who really cares what happened” when asked, and then the democrats and the media laugh about the entire incident.

        Tell us which historical scandal was worse.

        We’ll be waiting, you can post it on any thread, I’m sure it will take some time to research.

  14. How can any of these willing propagandists – ESPECIALLY at MSNBC – be capable of moderating a debate? Their bias, their religious devotion to leftists and O, are blinding them to facts and reality.

    Can you imagine a Republican presidential debate between Hillary and ANY Republican candidate……and the issue of Benghazi is raised by the candidate? Can you see a Candy Crowley (or Rachel Maddow) even ALLOWING such a mention without intervening?

    They would cry “foul” and declare it a “myth” – and it would be somehow acceptable to these delusional cretins!!!

    Republicans need to stand up against these MSM bobble-heads – now!!! Stop their myth-building, myth-declaring agitprop!!

  15. Joy Reid… “right wing media” !!!

    And what “right wing media” would that be there cupcake? They actually believe there’s a “body snatching” right wing media. Really! Maybe in Canada (barely)… but in America? Naah. Not really if we continue to see the slide of FOX into progressivism.

    That tiny little clip of truth telling by Michael Grimm, which Matthews dismissively called “performance art” and the “barfing out of buzzwords”, was a tiny little little shard of sunlight that Matthews mistakenly let his audience witness before he interrupted it and shut it down completely.

    These Obama worshipers, like Matthews, are much like Muslims. Muslims just can’t stand the existence of little tiny Israel on 1/6 of one percent of the land mass in the Middle East. Even that they want to take away from Israel. Likewise… America’s leftists can’t stand the tiny little percentage of media turf held by America’s right, and God forfend that Matthews’ audience would get to hear the completion of what Grimm had to say.

  16. …MSNBC today had wall-to-wall coverage of “bridgegate…”

    It’s still wall to wall coverage this morning. I read the article, but couldn’t watch and listen to leftist shrills. Matthews, Reid and Corn were nonsensical in their egregious commentary. Just look at the video’s title at MSNBC, Obama’s official TV news outlet:

    Is the IRS scandal bigger than ‘Bridgegate’?
    Right-wingers say Christie’s scandal is a drop in the bucket compared to what Obama has done. David Corn and Joy Reid discuss right-wing myths and denial.

    The Scoop is right; their tomfoolery analysis was a despicable attempt to change the subject from Obamacare. What they joyfully stated about real scandals like the Benghazi cover-up, IRS targeting conservative organizations, Fast and Furious, etc. reveals their sick and twisted minds.

    The truth and their reputations doesn’t exist when it comes to defending Obama and it’s revolting.

  17. Not sure if it has already been pointed out, but these Dems are just so delusional that they think that an “R” beside Christie’s name makes it so.

    Christie was just so teddy bear fluffy with ODumbo after Sandy. They even booked a room together. After all… he was what Dems call a “good” Republican… in the same way that a Christian who believes Mohammed was a prophet is a “good” “person of the book”. In other words not a Christian at all. And neither is Christie a conservative at all either.

    Democrats… delusional and gloriously un-self-aware as always.

  18. I just watched truly evil people laughing over and event that murdered Americans. Sick, sick, sick.

  19. Do they think the 4 people who died were HILAROUS to . Or was it like obama said , just a bump in the road , with Benghazi Clinton saying what difference does it make , I wonder what they would say if it was one of they kids .

    1. Maybe they just thought it was funny that when US diplomat David Foy was killed, along with 80 some people from attacks on embassies, and consulates during GWB two terms these said conservatives said, and did nothing.

      1. What a sad example of moral equivalence.

        Also a failure for not grasping that barack is the President, and has been for many years now.

      2. Life has no meaning to these people , it’s all about THEM . The thing in the White House is the worst . It’s i , I , I , and me , me , me with him . Three more years it’s not coming fast enought for me , but maybe he’ll be IMPEATCH .

  20. If odumbo was on video smoking crack while clubbing baby seals – tingles would’nt believe his own eyes.

  21. Clear, serious scandal?? Incredible. What frightens me is watching all three talking heads snidely chuckling but seriously believing that disasters like Benghazi, the IRS and Fast & Furious are myths. Makes me scared for the country.

    1. I’m not scared , but I’d like to kick some ass . Pinocchio is the scandal , and the left knows it . They just can’t be honest to themselves . It’s so sad .

  22. He’s taken over as the man funnier than Al Gore.
    His 17 viewers threw him a party! Donated $ for his lisp removal…

  23. Question for Matthews (and others who can’t walk and chew peanut butter at the same time).
    Did you elect and reelect Obama because he’s so virtuous? If so, did you elect and reelect Christie (in the 80% Democratic state of New Jersey), because he’s so scandalous? 😉 😉

  24. Guess Matthews is one of those “concerned for the GOP” trolls out there – so worried that it has now “infected” our ability to do politics. And that’s the difference, to Matthews and his lefty co-travelers, Benghazi, IRS, DOJ, NSA, etc. are just politics instead of the effects on flesh and blood people.

    Have news for Chrissy, we’re quite capable of doing more than one thing at a time.

  25. Blocking traffic on one bridge is a “serious scandal,” but using the IRS to block Republican groups from organizing get-out-the-vote efforts across the entire nation is just a “myth.” Clearly these people are disconnected from reality and only report the news they want to be true.

  26. Since we the people are the BOSSES….we want to know why, how and is it going to escalate out of control. I think we are perfectly within our rights to scream our heads off until we get answers. That goes for all the scandal and the clear cut cases of lying!!

    These MSNBC talking heads are subversives. When are we going to hold the majority of our media accountable for abdicating their role as truth seekers for the people and becoming mouthpieces for Government?

  27. I have yet to figure out why someone hasn’t had enough self respect to b I tch slap him out of the chair.

  28. Matthews couldn’t stop that clip fast enough when Michael Graham asked where the democrats have shown any anger toward the deaths they are responsible for. They wouldn’t want their little kool-aid drinkers wondering about that would they?

    1. I’ve never seen Michael Grimm before, but Matthews couldn’t talk over and end that clip fast enough.

      MUST NOT.. LET… er.. TRUTH… BE.. er.. HEARD… MUST.. STOP.. CLIP…

  29. the more they attack Christie the more I like him
    he at least didn’t need a prompter to TALK unlike the idiot in the white house…uh duh uh duh obamaer

  30. 2 navy seals held their ground fighting off islamist terrorisst trying to kill as many Americans as possible!! AND THEY THINK THAT’S FUNNY!!!!
    I just watched lone survivor at the movies…. and let me tell you … those mslsd cretins are not fit to be in the same room as any Navy Seal!!!

  31. What can you say about a network where the only two sane hosts are Rachel Maddow and Ed Schultz (comparatively speaking)?

  32. That entire network is so pathetic and full of freaks that they all should be in an insane asylum. Or just call that network the crazy house.

  33. Because murder and treason are so funny. The only myth here is that Chris Matthews ever possessed human decency and sanity. Sick beyond words.

  34. Christie doesn’t even register on my radar.
    I must admit part of me, the dark decidedly vicious part, hopes these sorry little sh*ts get all they want, and I wish them full knowledge they helped bring the horror on.
    It’s a good thing I can’t get to them tonight. It wouldn’t be pretty, and I’d take my sweet time and make them suffer, oh yes.

  35. This is MORE PROOF

    Liberals are either CrAzY OR from another dimension

    Any reasonable, logical person can tell that wrongful deaths are bad things!

    These idiots are really twisted – PERIOD!
    The really sad part – Boehner is the real culprit here!

    1. To a progresssive, how bad a death is is measured by who was responsible for the death;
      Fast and Furious and Benghazi were the responsibility of the Democrat party so they consider them jokes.
      School, parking lot, and theater shootings were bad only until it was proven that they weren’t caused by the Tea Party, then nobody wants to talk about it.
      Yes. Those idiots are seriously twisted – exclamation point!

  36. Does this moron and his ilk think he’s really funny? I think they’re nervous as all hell and trying to grasp at anything to divert attention from Hillaries murderous shortcomings. Even if it means comparing a traffic jam to Benghazi….Really pathetic!!!

  37. “Progressive” makes me laugh. Though I’m new to studying US history, I’ve spent many years studying the people of ancient times – at the beginning of history, and especially focusing on the knowledge/beliefs/values/ . . . of the populace.

    How I see it, considering the character and wisdom of many during ancient times, Tingles and Joy are evidence that people may be ‘regressive’. Or at least evidence that progressives are better defined as ‘regressives’.

  38. once Hilliar gets the nomination, there will be time to refresh her memory about Benghazi, as was done to Kerry when he was running.all we need is a candidate who is not afraid to break some knee caps

  39. Well shutting down a bridge during the first day of school can be kind of like leaving 4 Americans to fend off hundreds of armed terrorists…
    oh crap. I got nothin’.

    1. I’m just certain that missing the first the first day of school would leave a lasting scar on my 7 year old grandson, that would send him into therapy for the rest of his life. 😉 😉

        1. Now, missing the first day of soccer practice? That might be a different story. 😉 😉
          The only children ‘traumatically effected’ by this are the children of all those liberal NY lawyers who live in ‘Joisy’. 😉 😉

      1. How many school buses go across the GWB taking kids from NJ to schools in NY and vice versa?


  40. Very clever commentary Caleb… very enjoyable (kudos to the Princess Bride nod!). Chris Matthews is one of those guys (and we all know one) who, the more he talks, the more you just want to scratch your ears off of your head and shove them in the bloody holes. He makes Charles Manson seem scholarly in comparison. To say he’s a fool or a tool is an under-statement. Especially when all that comes out of his mouth is stool.

    1. That would make a good tweet about Matthews…”He makes Charles Manson seem scholarly in comparison.”

    2. I wonder if he would still be chuckling if one of his children died in Benghazi or because of F & F?

  41. Yeah, sorry, Scoop, but methinks the Left won on Benghazi and Fast & Furious. They’re not on anyone’s radar, and they never will be. This is what happens when we take our eyes off the prize and leave it all to charlatans like Darrell Issa.

    1. I’m not losing hope.
      These crapweasels need to swing for the things they’ve done, active and passive.

      1. News Flash: ‘Government admits that Islamic Terrorists were involved in Benghazi attack’.
        Guess ‘Pissy Chrissy’, Susan Rice, Hillary Clinton and the NY Times, didn’t get the update. 😉

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