Chris Matthews NAILS Dem Gov: ‘Would You Feel Responsible’ If Refugee Committed Act Of Terror?

On MSNBC’s Hardball on Tuesday, Chris Matthews interviewed Democrat Governor of Delaware Jack Markell about his vocal support for Syrian refugees coming to his state. Matthews, probably because he expected the Dem to knock it out of the park, actually asked him an amazing question, and got an amazing answer.

An absolutely critical question that really makes it clear what the stakes are and what these loud advocates are risking. And it was asked by Chris Matthews!!

Would you feel responsible? The Governor’s answer was “yes, but.” Yes but it’s a Federal program. Yes, but even if there’s terror at least we Statue of Liberty. You get the feeling he didn’t mean to say yes. But he said it.

Can we count on the media to hold the cheerleaders responsible for their words and actions now if something terrible does happen at the hands of a refugee? No. But maybe Chris Matthews will ask, maybe, before he closes with “I agree.”

Via Truth Revolt.

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