Chris Matthews says Romney is playing the race card, starts yelling at Reince Priebus about it

Chris Matthews, angry about Romney’s joke about Obama’s birth certificate, decided to ‘call out’ the RNC Chair on it this morning and it basically degraded into a one-sided shouting match where Matthews was arguing that Romney was playing the race card with the birth certificate joke and welfare reform.

But what really got Matthews going was when Priebus said that Obama was looking to Europe for guidance on his spending and health care policies. After that Matthews was so enraged he wouldn’t let Priebus answer a single question without interrupting him. Priebus finally said “I’m not going to get into a shouting match with Chris so you guys can move on.”

Watch below:

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164 thoughts on “Chris Matthews says Romney is playing the race card, starts yelling at Reince Priebus about it

  1. There is something seriously wrong with Matthews…..the look in his eyes, wow…he looked like he wanted to cut the mans throat…..

  2. After having to experience “Thrill up my leg”‘s seizure, how do people wonder why MSNBC has a total of only three viewers? When Romney becomes President, there is a room with rubber walls awaiting Mr. Matthews somewhere.

  3. I don’t know what’s more pathetic, Chris “Thrill up my leg” Matthews’ insane rant or the applause from the mind-numbed robots in the crowd.

  4. This is a desperate man. He knows BO is toast and is grasping at inane issues to somehow change the tide. I seriously think when BO loses badly, Chris will need therapy…for a long time.

  5. This is a desperate man. He knows BO is toast and is grasping at inane issues to somehow change the tide. I seriously think when BO loses badly, Chris will need therapy…for a long time.

  6. Chris Matthews should be forced to publicly apologize to Reince Preibus for not only his show of despicable unprofessional-ism and gross conduct but also his disgusting personal attack and insult of the RNC chairman on *national tv*. And the hosts were completely USELESS at controlling his senial tirade. However, I admire Mr Priebus for holding back on Chris “Obama wouldn’t come on my show but I’d still lick his shoes” Matthews, because I know Mr Priebus has a sharp tongue. Props to you, sir.

  7. Chris Matthews was pissed off the day he was born and the only happy day he has ever had is the day Blowbama was elected. And that’s it. But, compared to what he’s going to be the day after the election, he’s happy now.

  8. Looks like Priebus can only fire back a repubilicans behind the seams. He should have brought up the ad where Obama essentially says that Romney was responsible for killing someone.

  9. No reasonable person should ever be in an interview with Matthews.
    He’s an insane liberal tool.
    He’ll end up in a padded room, interviewing himself in the mirror and losing the argument.

  10. Why not just point out that Obama is a foreigner? Why not ask Chris how Obama paid for his college? Call him out on releasing the records.

  11. I have a bachelors in Social Science and I would mop the floor with Matthews. Anytime you arrogant pompous ass!

  12. This is good for the GOP headquarters. I hope Rence Priebus has a long memory. Getting pounced on by an Obama surrogate, lol….

    Let’s get this president ousted, then Chris can say America is racist “again” for voting Obama out for the “white guy”

    And Why the heck are these white bozos, (Chrissy Matthews being uber-white)so irate? they’re the racist ones because all they think about is Obama’s skin color when he’s being criticized!

    – Chris Matthews , is educated beyond his intelligence, always with these lefty talking points, I remember universities liberal arts crap, teach this in sociology

    “completely other” I notice that black liberals use this term ALL the time, on the MSNBC shows, ……terminology so ridiculous, liberalism is a mental disorder. Sociology class information should be dropped the minute you earn the college credit. But these idiots like t he one last week using the N word to get people thinking race failed…

    I guess now they have to go with “foreignization” to play the race card now, and to say Obama looks to the European model, is racist?? lol desperate

  13. Chris Mathews sounds more like Barney Frank everyday.

    Chris Mathews:Romney made a mean joke about my boyfriend and that was MEAN! bla Bla Bla bla blaaaaaaaaaaaaa bla bla bla blaa (GASP) (GASP)bla bla bla Don’t say mean stuff ’bout Barack! bla bla blaa bla bla blaaaaaa!(GASP)BLa Blaa BLAAA!!!!! …

  14. I still think that Prissy Mathews is such a douche all the time because Kathleen just ain’t kicking down anymore. That “thrill up his leg” is just him playing with himself.

  15. So, spittle, calls other people racist because spittle believes only black people are on food stamps and welfare?

    1. Of the total food stamp recipients, 49% are White, 26% are Black, and 20% are Hispanic (extrapolated from census questionnaires). According to the Department of Agriculture 36% are White, 22% are Black, and 10% are Hispanic. The total population receiving food stamps is in the 46-47 million range.

      Chris Matthews rarely lets facts get in the way of his personal agenda and narrative. His daily goal appears to be to out race shill his colleague, Al not so Sharpton. MSNBC is in a s******, and they know it.

  16. Matthews said:
    …………….if a black, or partially black guy wants to be a PRESIDENT, ALL HE NEEDS IS TO ASK HIS MAMA TO IRON HIS PANTS.
    THAT’S ALL- ACCORDING TO that imbecile. He’s got a crease on his logic, poor dolt.

  17. Matthews is a screamer! He will probably check into the Betty Ford Clinic when Romney wins! Let’s send him flowers along with a note…Bon Voyage!!!

    1. He’s a screamer??? That was just…the mental and visual image was…ugh…I just can’t…uh…I need to take a moment….

  18. It frustrates me that even Repubs won’t respond with “he said it because President Obama’s own literary agent printed that he was born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia and Hawaii”.

    Man, I thought Chris was going to pop a blood vessel!

  19. Tingles lies. Romney didn’t say “I don’t have a problem with my birth certificate,” he said “No one’s asked me for my birth certificate.” It was a statement of fact. Romney’s statement in no rational way can be interpreted as saying Obama wasn’t born in the US. Only a racist would see criticism about Obama removing work requirements from welfare reform as playing the race card.

    Obama IS a foreigner. His formative years were spent in foreign schools. He admitted in one of his “biographies” that his mother taught him to not see America as a special place. For nearly 20 years he let his publisher describe him as being born in Kenya.

    He thinks that because both Roosevelts and Truman pushed for the gov’t to take over the medical industry that it makes it a good thing? They were all progressives! That alone proves it is a policy that any sane person would run screaming from.

    Chrissy has clearly become unhinged. Anything negative said about Obama becomes the product of racism. The problem for him is that he can see his beloved Obama losing and it scares him so much that the only thing he’s feeling in his leg is a warmth resulting from the loss of control of his bladder.

    1. I would also argue that the entirety of the progressive influence is foreign- Whether it comes from Russia or Europe at any given point in history, academics have long spoken of the “efficiencies” of an all powerful central government.

    2. I wonder if Mitt Romney should have just used a “Triumph the Insult Comic Dog” hand puppet and used a foreign accent while he told his joke, so as not to confuse the leftards out there in looney land.

  20. Matthews’ cohorts appeared to be nearly as taken aback as Priebus.
    Seriously, seeing this, I wonder if CM’s health is deteriorating and they know about, it but not how to handle him.

    He has diabetes and also had malaria some years ago. Very serious disease, whose complications include cerebritis, a brain infection.

    Understand this is not intended as a hit, though he richly deserves those we’ve given him here today. His manner is execrable, but even so I doubt anyone would wish even worse health on him. Just a possibility.

  21. Matthews is a fool and a tool. Bloviating like this won’t get him his interview with Zero. An aging, ugly-know nothing doesn’t need to be interviewed by another aging, ugly know-nothing.

  22. What the hell is wrong with those stupid liberal morons? !!

    There are a lot more whites on welfare than there are blacks. Why do they associate welfare and foodstamps with blacks? We can’t require ID to vote because blacks are too stupid to get one. There was voter fraud last election because blacks couldn’t figure out how to use the machines.

    Is that what they think of black people? I am so sick of this bullcrap I’d like to punch that a-hole in the mouth. Hey Chris!!! Stop talking about black people like they can’t make anything of themselves and they’re too stupid to do anything without you and the Democrat party doing it for them!! It’s degrading, you stupid idiot.

    1. It does not fit their narrative. They don’t think of people in this country as Americans. They categorize them into groups and then apply their brand of “social justice” to certain groups they feel are deserving of such.

      1. Exactly, and they intentionally make groups of people pi**ed off at other groups. Their tactics are disgusting, immoral, and dishonest. Says a lot about the ethics, morals and integrity of Democrat politicians.

  23. Yes it’s true that both sides are running negative campaigns. However, there’s still a HUGE DIFFERENCE between the two.

    The Romney negative campaigning is mostly factual and relevant (i.e. the state of the US economy, cuts to Medicare, more people on food stamps, more people below the poverty line, gas prices, food prices, national debt, etc.)

    Barack’s negative campaigning is mostly inconsequential and irrelevant (i.e. what happened at Bain SEVEN YEARS after Romney left, a prank he played in high school, a joke about Barack’s birth certificate, etc).

  24. ALL OF THIS HAPPENED IN Less that 2 minutes? MAJOR RANT!
    1 minute 34 seconds to be exact!


    I’ve tried to transcribe this conversation, as best I can, I do not claim this to be an absolute, it is only what I personally grasp to be said during the conversation.

    Chris: By the way, your guy, I have to call you on this Mr Chairman, is suggesting that Obama is somehow running a negative campaign, Obama, and your guys running a positive campaign, that’s not accurate. In fact, if they both stopped all the negative, I’m not sure who would win; but they’ve both been negative. That cheap shot about I don’t have a problem with my birth certificate, was awful, and it’s an embarrassment to your party to play that card. This stuff about getting rid of the work requirement for welfare is dishonest and was postatized (scrambled), and you aren’t playing that little ethnic card there. And you can play your games and giggle about it.
    Priebus: well I
    Chris: but the fact is, your side is playing that card.
    Priebus: well I won’t
    Chris: when you start talking about work requirements, everyone knows what game you’re playing. And everybody knows what game you’re playing. It’s a race card. (audience applause) And this thing about birth, your name is Romney, you’re well-born, you went to prep-school, you gotta brag about it, this guy has an African name, he’s gotta live with it. What comes…
    Joe: di di did, did you REALLY?
    Chris: lets come further with it, who was born on 3rd base?
    Joe: wa, wa, wa, wa… wait.
    Chris: This is an absurdity here
    Priebus, Joe, others: (inaudible)
    Chris: making fun of a guys birth certificate issue, when it was never a real issue, except from the right wing.
    Joe: do you think Mitt Romney’s playing the race card?
    Chris: he said
    Joe: no, I’m asking you, do you think he’s playing the race card?
    Chris: there’s no doubt he did with the birth certificate
    Joe: no doubt?
    Chris: no doubt, why’d he bring it up? Why’d he say I have no problem with my birth certificate? What’s that suppose to say?
    Mika: cause he made an awkward joke on it
    Joe: because he misfired badly on the joke
    Chris: why would he do it?
    Joe: well I’m just asking, do you think Mitt Romney’s playing the race card?
    Chris: well knowing, yeah.
    Joe: Did he really?
    Chris: oh yeah, and I think his work requirement fits right into it.
    Joe: that’s the race card too?
    Chris: of course it is, welfare? Food Stamps? Absolutely!

    (ALL Speaking at one time)
    Priebus: (visibly disgusted) I’m happy…to respo
    Mika: Reince I’m sorry, well now let him respond to it.
    Chris: you can chuckle about it Mr. Chairman it’s a practice issue
    Priebus: I’m happy to…respo
    Chris: the fact is you know it’s going to happen.

    So what did I personally learn from the conversation?
    1. Obama’s NOT negative campaign, is actually a negative campaign; and so is Romney’s positive campaign?
    2. Obama’s NOT a birth “issue” is actually “a birth issue” WHAT?
    3. Romney’s pulled the race card regarding the work requirements memo sent out by the president, which suggested that states remove the work requirement over a certain percentage to obtain unemployment without working; but it’s really a non-issue because Federal Law strictly prohibits “anyone” (including the president) from removing the work requirement from the laws present format, even tho the president suggested it be remove in the first place; and it is absolutely a “racist” issue because Romney brought attention to it in the first place; and because it also ties to those who receive welfare and food stamps?
    4. Best yet is the entire conversation give the “implication” that only Barack Obama, by virtue of his color; and NOT his wisdom, knowledge or ability to lead the nation as it’s president, is allowed to discuss the issues of work reform, welfare or food stamps,

    Honey, now that just takes the cake!

    Hate to tell y’all this, but the African-American people of this nation are NOT the only people drawing welfare and food stamps…GET A FRIGGING CLUE!

    1. LOL excellent synopsis.
      When I read your comment:
      “Honey, now that just takes the cake!

      Hate to tell y’all this, but the African-American people of this nation are NOT the only people drawing welfare and food stamps…GET A FRIGGING CLUE!

      I laughed and wanted to ask with tongue in cheek:
      You mean Chris was being (gasp) “racist”? LOL

  25. if chris stands up too quickly… all the blood could rush to his feet giving killing him— you know, his blood only goes to the left side of his brain

  26. I saw this and Priebus didn’t come off well at all from a political perspective. When Matthews said “what’s this Euro crap? Teddy Roosevelt pushed for it, Harry Truman blah blah” Priebus sat there like he didn’t have a talking point to respond with a befuddled look on his face.

    The correct answer would have been “and the American people rejected it then Chris, just as they did when Democrats passed it.” etc…

    Reince Priebus and RINOs are going to save America? They’re intimidated into little wimps by Christ Matthews for crine-out-loud!

  27. Tingles McBlowhard is off his medication again. He needs his wife to remind him that “the kid” he keeps yelling at to “get the h*ll off my lawn,” is actually an adult on live TV to do big people talk. He needs to be wheeled back into the home for his meds, a sponge bath and be wrapped in a nice warm leg blanket before he misses afternoon “activities time” and the all you can eat “creamed Jell-O” bar in the Sunrise Cafe.

    1. Yes, Chris. Welfare and food stamps are very selective. We are trying to readjust their thinking so that they no longer identify people as groups, but as Americans. That way, everybody who needs welfare and food stamps can receive the assistance they need. Once welfare and food stamps change their thinking and cease being so selective, we will push them out into production once more.

  28. The “Morning Joe” people usually sit around in a circle. There’s a term for that but I can’t use it because TRS has a comment policy.

  29. Where are they that anyone would clap when Mr. Tingle-Up-His-Leg would get applause for using the Alinsky-ite tactic of never letting the “target” get a word in edgewise?!

    And why didn’t anyone clap when Reince said – accurately – that Chrissy’s rant is “Garbage.”?

    I would have started that applause, personally.

  30. That’s what happens when you put a [email protected] in front of a crowd. He spent the whole time trying to impress the crowd instead of having a discussion like an adult.

    Gotta love that racism though- I’d love to hear a word association from CM. Apparently welfare = blacks. I’ve never heard one person call them on that.

  31. The NBC network is failing badly, this we all know. Now I’m not a TV executive but the answer to their viewership problem is staring them right in the face and they don’t see it.

    A talk show with Chris Matthews and Joe Biden co-hosting. This, without a doubt, would be the funniest show on air. These two clowns, in an ad-lib, off the cuff situation, would make Laurel and Hardy look like Huntley and Brinkley.

  32. Didn’t MS NBC spend the whole of 09 and 10 screaming race card and racism about the Tea Party, only to see a historic Republican landslide? What makes them think it’s gonna work this time, now that the polls are even more tilted against them?

    (And BTW, Obama does have a Birth Certificate problem)?

    1. Cal, that’s all they got left. (aside from declaring martial law, that is)
      Obama sure can’t run on his record, that would be disaster!

  33. Priebus has a lot more patience than I would have had

    CHRISSY needs more medication – I am serious –

    Chrissy has some serious issues

    Even the others seemed puzzled

    I feel sorry for him now – he is breaking down!

  34. Priebus Bless his heart for having the courage to go against 5 to 1, these idiots on msnbc think they are doing a service to this country by defending the biggest marxist agenda, we will see come november if we are going to become another europe, or we become free again. Jesus help us, and guide us through these dark times I implore your guidance and your love to reign on this country.

  35. The Convention hadn’t even started!
    I knew this mental case would lose it. He should be fired. His job as a representative of NBC is to ask questions and be repectful of his guest. He does EXACTLY what Preibus sat there and said he did: give an insipid monologue. And Priebus treated him just like a mental patient: you back off and let them come down from their tantrum.

    He should be fired.

  36. I think they let Matthews blather on because no one felt they could get him under control. Notice Brokaw, the grand old poobah, was the only one who felt he had enough stature to be able to shut him up for 2 seconds–and then collapsed in a heap agreeing with him anyway. The awkwardness with Joe and Mika was embarrassment over Matthew’s diatribe. Neither was picking up Matthew’s line of attack. It’s like the picture of a family with a raging alcoholic no one wants to confront or admit is out of control. Priebus, to his credit, stuck to his guns even though he knew no one there would hear or support him. That whole scene there in the bar with the mindless idiots applauding and the rest of the panel tongue-tied points to the absolute craziness and denial of what’s happening on the left. Let them be in denial. Like Rush said in 2010, “They will never see it coming”.

    1. Although Brokaw used the “you guys do it too” tactic. Really? The only insane lunatic ranting I heard was coming from “Thrill up my leg”. Did Brokaw even give a good example to prove his own point?

  37. The 1st I heard this joker while cutting lots of grass when he was subbing for Rush, …. I thought to myself, this guys a closet liberal. He didn’t disappoint me. He soon came out of the closet spewing vitriol toward anything conservative – looking and sounding like ‘ howdy doody ‘ . This is a big-time loser !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. Admittedly Chris gets carried away, but people have to be called out on their bs on both sides. It’s a reporter’s job. Too bad they didn’t do it on the run up to our two bogus wars.

    1. Called out? Called a racist? Is that what you mean by being called out, because that is all the bigot-Matthews had. So what else did he have other than the nauseating, old, tired, old, tired, old, tired, old, tired, we’ve heard it til we are sick to our stomachs bloody boring freaking useless, pointless race card?

    2. By “both sides”, no doubt you mean conservatives only. You bo/liberal hacks think matthews is a “reporter”….get serious, he’s a political pundint who is so liberal the left isn’t left enough.
      The only thing “bogus” about those wars are the way you pathetic anti-American, un-patriotic leftist lunatics make our men and women fight those wars….with one arm tied behind their backs.
      Just for once I’d like one of you idiots to actually live in a socialist/marxist country that does all your thinking and negelects to defend your sorry rats a ss.

      1. He used to claim that he was more conservative than people gave him credit for. He also said he voted for G.W. Bush in 2000. Somehow I doubt both of those assertions.

  39. Disgusting. The left is now openly trying to bully the Republican National Chairman now. They are not even trying to hide their abusiveness, dishonesty, lack of integrity and respect.

  40. If fraud is committed by a man of color, is it racist to point out that fraud. Obama is a racist fraud, period. Chris Matthews and the Marxist media would coverup mass murder for this Communist in Chief.

  41. So Chris, why is it racist to talk about changing the rules on welfare back to the way is was during the Clinton years? Could it be in your narrow little mind that when the word welfare is used we are talking about colored people. Chris in your mind is it only minorities on welfare? Isn’t that line of thought racist Chris? Let me answer that for you YES it is racist which makes you Chris Mathews Racist!!!

  42. Saul Alinsky radicals will always resort to the race card to attack a persons character. Republicans need to call them on it immediately. Dont let them get away with it, dont let them for a second think they can get away with it. You would think Republicans would learn how to deal with such an attack by now. Its used virtually every day.

    1. There was not a bit of substance to anything “Thrill up my leg” said. Just attacks, hypotheticals, insults, and incivility.

  43. Is the MSNB set in a bar?
    Prissy Chrissy was spitting garbage. Brokaw probably got sprayed. Not just Joe be Mika tried to calm him down.
    Sickening performance by Matthews.

  44. Chris, folks think the one is not from here because the one talks, walks, and acts like he is from somewhere else.

  45. The Republicans need to look at these types of set-ups and learn from them. You don’t send a quiet polite type person up against two very good “attack dog” TV personalities who are well versed in verbalizing the progressive lies. I noted the positive response of the audience for Mathews tirade

    Also, Note Joe and Mika’s purposeful hesitations allowing Chris’s comments to hang; creating an atmosphere of Priebus looking as if he had no response to Matthews comments. We know, Priebus was being polite but his side is not coming across.

  46. That was painful. Chrissy looks deranged (I think the reality that Obama can lose has hit him and he’s losing what sanity he had left as his universe collapses) and Priebus looks like a bumbling fool. I’m tired of conservatives and republicans looking like idiots because of stammering, slow voids like Priebus. When Tingles starting throwing out names like Teddy Roosevelt and FDR you could see the panic on Reince’s face like “Oh crap. What do I say now? Since I look like a deer in the headlights and I’m losing what should be an easy-to-win argument, I’ll just end it.”
    I’d love to see Chrissy go up against Mark Levin or Allen West or Rick Santorum. People that actually know history and are quick on their feet and can throw it back at Matthews faster than he can spit out his vitriole.

  47. It seems to me that Chris Matthews has an inferiority complex?

    “Why Rs?”

    Because he’s inferior, silly!

  48. Matthews: lay off all illegal substances…you do not have to prove your stupidity,
    arrogance and communist views every day.
    We got that.

  49. I personally don’t really care about Chris Matthews’ opinion on this or any other issue. Matthews is a joke and I doubt anybody takes him seriously…certainly not since his famous leg tingle.

    1. somebody irons H BO’s pants……and because 50% black candidate has pants with that crease, he MUST become president??? Leftists’ “logic” breathtaking… 😉
      Matthews, too late to ask God for wisdom…..ask for health. Get lost.

  50. I am kind of liking the stance Reince Priebus has been taking with the press lately. He has been telling it like it is. I have no problem with any Republican going on any of these shows as long as they do not accept the premise of what the Lib talker is saying. Pissy Chrissy losing it is just fine with me. He seems to have anger issues. Yeah, the issue is his guy is losing. Works for me.

      1. It used to frustrate me to no end when Republicans would go on these silly shows and just kind of “take” it from the Left. They seem to have developed a spine lately. I hope it is forever because going back to ‘civility’ isn’t going to cut it for me.

  51. I wish Obama would come see Chrissy so he can get that thrill back, and get over his frustrations. Liberals are too stupid to know when they make themselves look STUPID.

    1. Matthews is an egotist. Obama is an egotist. If was love at first sight for Matthews and that love has been unrequited. Love spurned, twice rejected, the lovers love met with unlove he has to show the pain of his passion. Problem for the rest of us is that it is nauseating and stomach wrenching to behold.

  52. All those liberals that defend blindly the kaiser spouting lies, distortion and insults when all facts are against them, do it because of their emotional psyche. Probably 1 third of all dems vote that way because at some point in their life they had a girlfriend, boyfriend, father, mother or family member that was liberal. The other two thirds I think vote that way because of anger in their lives and because at some point they were jealous of someone that was conservative and went to the dark side!
    Captain Shultz is one of those…no wonder why so many dems are bitter and angry!!!

    1. Yeah, Obama signs a bill into law that the majority of the country did not want. Romney signs a bill in his state into law that the majority of the people in his state did want. That’s just one difference.

  53. The chairman did great, matthews on the other hand….someone should have at least gave the poor guy a bib to wipe his droll and then called the nuthouse for a pick up. That guy isn’t dealing with a full deck.
    Oh, and is there a med for being a jerk, because matthews needs a large dose.

    1. Trying to imagine it… Hmmm…. Nope… Having a hard time… wait! No, sorry, false alarm. I thought there for a second that I could imagine him having integrity, but I was wrong. 🙂

    2. Matthews used to work for Tip O”Neill many years ago. I suspect Tip would be embarrassed if he could see Matthews now.

  54. This panel is so giddy they can barely contain themselves. They had a entire serving of “crap sandwichs” beforehand.

    1. I would say UNHINGED is more like it!! Giddy….they have nothing to be giddy about…they are unhinged because the Marxist is not doing well and I am sure they blame the GOP Chairman big time….

      1. When your only argument left in your quivver is the race card you have forfeit the argument unless you are sitting opposite a known Klansman, aka Robert Bird, but he was a Dem so he’s still ok.

        It would be a delicious irony for a guest to say, hey Chris do you check under your bed last thing at night to see if any racists are hiding under there?

        Truly is racism is all ya got to charge us with then ya got nothing.

  55. I have said this once and I will say again…WHY DO GOP people go on MSNBLOONEYC??? I mean who are they swaying…Independents do not WATCH MSNBLOONEYC!! I cannot understand the point. Chris Matthews has so many tingles going on he needs a NEUROLOGIST!! But for crying out loud stay off that psycho network. I mean yelling at someone? The lack of maturity makes you think you are in an insane asylum for the brainless impaired!! Romney is racist…I love the meme….when you attract 90 percent of the black voter like Obama…THAT IS RACIST!!! Talk about that Tingles!!

    1. Simple. To bait them into tirades like this. This may play to the MoveOn and Kos crowd, but everyone else sees Fat Bastard Matthews as an unhinged partisan hack who’s calling Mitt Romney(and by proxy any Republican or conservative who agrees with him on Obama’s welfare policy) a racist. Not exactly a way to win over working class whites.

    2. At best 1/2 million people watch Morning Joe out of 300+ million Americans. The show is a waste of time to appear on.

      Republicans should just let MSNBC talking heads talk to themselves.

      I bet that’s the last time you will see Tom Brokaw sitting next to Tingles. Just after the above clip ended, Mika said, “Thank you Chris, I think.”

    3. Pure entertainment value. I thought “Thrill up my leg”‘s comments were thoroughly entertaining. The crowd reaction to his rantings was equally as entertaining.

  56. I didn’t think I could dislike Chrissy Matthews any more than I already did before I watched that video….I was terribly wrong!!!! He’s a sleezebag…always has been one and always will be one in my opinion!!!!

    1. He is an unprofessional, big-mouthed, bigoted leftist tool. An arrogant, flatulent, fatuous, liberal bully. I do not know why conservative/reps don’t just say I am never appearing on another show or segment with Matthews because he is unprofessional. Matthews would soon find himself out of a job and wouldn’t that be nice, either that of he could just bring on his lib friends and a punchbag with a Rep rosette attached to it.

      1. I agree with you 100 percent, Rightstuff1. Matthews is totally unprofessional and a bully to boot!!! He runs roughshod over conservative guests and they generally let him. I wish they would get in his face just like he gets in their face.

        1. I don’t watch this idiot’s program, and I sort of get annoyed at all the Conservative networks and websites airing all his stupid, ignorant rantings. His commentary does not deserve the light of day.

  57. Poor Matty is still peed off that NObama won’t grant his most beloved lapdog a Softball interview. Oh and he played the tired old “race card” again. How predictable and boring and pathetic.

  58. Chrissy lost his mind long ago..

    I believe it was caused from lack of oxygen to his pea sized brain due to his head being so far up obummers butt for an extended period of time…

    1. He does have a bit of a circulation problem, doesn’t he. That does explain the “thrill up my leg” thing too! Oxygen deprived tingle.

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