Chris Wallace says he got opposition research from Republicans on Ted Cruz; Rove explains why…

This clip will tell you a lot about Washington DC. According to Rove, Ted Cruz has disrespected Republicans because he bypassed them and went to the American people with his defunding Obamacare idea. But we all know what would have happened. Republican leadership would have just pooped on the freshman Senator’s idea and dismissed it. It was obvious from the way they responded to the idea in the first place. So because Cruz went straight to the American people and and forced their hands, he’s being attacked by members of his own party.

In a nut shell, Republicans care more about the politics of Washington DC than they do about what’s good for the American people. And that’s why Ted Cruz has been marked, because he’s bucking that system.

Sarah Palin has called on Wallace to release the names of those from whom he got the oppo research:

Exactly right. He should do just that, but he won’t.


(h/t: Daily Caller)

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