Christian adoption service announces they’ll start placing children in LGBTQ families

A Christian adoption service, which is touted as one of the largest in the country, announced today it will start placing children in LGBTQ families:

CBN NEWS – Michigan-based Bethany Christian Services announced Monday it will begin placing children in LGBTQ families nationwide.

Bethany, one of the country’s largest adoption and foster care agencies, started offering services to gay couples in 2019 after a legal settlement.

The company has assisted with 3,406 foster placements and 1,123 adoptions in 2019 and provides services in 32 states.

The new policy approved by the organization’s board does not include the phrase “LGBTQ,” but says it will “implement a nationwide policy of inclusivity in order to serve all families across Bethany’s core service lines.”

The international agency will begin training all its employees, including those at locations that have not worked with gay couples.

This is unbelievable. Bethay might as well take the word ‘Christian’ right out of their name and replace it with ‘Sodom’ because placing children in the homes of gay and lesbian couples is an absolutely affront to Christianity and ignores what the Bible teaches regarding Homosexuality.

In fact, in part of their statement to CBN News, Bethany admitted that they are ignoring the teachings of the Bible:

“Faith in Jesus is at the core of our mission. But we are not claiming a position on the various doctrinal issues about which Christians of mutual good faith may disagree. We acknowledge that discussions about doctrine are important, but our sole job is to determine if a family can provide a safe, stable environment for children. Unlike many other child and family welfare organizations, Bethany is committed to partnering with churches to find as many families for vulnerable children as possible, and we seek to place children with families that share our mission.”

What? There are no ‘good faith’ disagreements on what the Bible teaches about homosexuality. The Bible is NOT ambiguous on the subject. There are people who take it for what it says and then those who twist it to support what they want to believe. It’s really that simple.

But this isn’t just an issue of Christian doctrine, it’s an issue of what’s right for children. There is no one who knows more about children and family than God, and He designed the family to begin with a man and a woman. That was HIS design, because He knows that a child needs a father and a mother, not two mommies or two daddies.

This isn’t just wrong, it’s disordered and it’s a mortal sin. I believe the people who run Bethany will be held to account for putting children in these LGBTQ homes, as well as the subsequent moral destruction of these children because of it. They need to stop this policy now.

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