Christian student SUSPENDED after posting Bible Verses in response to LGBT flags! – [VIDEO]

A high school in Ohio didn’t like it very much when one of their students posted Bible verses in response to LGBT flags that were put up around the school.

School officials accused the student of ‘targeting’ the Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) club and gave her In School Suspension (ISS).

But to hear it from the student, Gabby Helsinger, she said she didn’t know about the club and just wanted to spread the Word of God.

Gabby says God is the only answer to the confusion that some of this kids live with, whether they are gay, lesbian or transgender. She doesn’t want them to have to be confused. AMEN!

So one day when she came to school and saw all the LGBT flags, she started putting Bible verses on sticky notes and placing them on lockers.

Pretty soon she was called to the principal’s office and suspended.

Watch the video where Gabby explains what happened. She’s a very brave Christian who should be applauded for her bold witness. Pick your battles, but keep up the good work Gabby!

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79 thoughts on “Christian student SUSPENDED after posting Bible Verses in response to LGBT flags! – [VIDEO]

  1. I couldn’t get it to play, but she seems like a very brave girl. There are few groups as intolerant as freethinking, “open-minded,” teenagers.

  2. Offhand, it looks like she would have pretty good grounds for a lawsuit against the school. Contrary to the normal confusion, even under some bad previous SCOTUS rulings, schools are no more allowed to discriminate against religion than they are to promote it. For the school to post Bible verses would be prohibited, but it’s just as much prohibited to punish students for doing it unless they’re being deliberately disruptive.

    Schools can’t require students to carry Bibles, but they also can’t prevent students from carrying them. They can’t force students to pray, but they also can’t prohibit students from praying. And they can’t prohibit students from referencing the Bible in their homework essays, or anything else.

  3. Liberalism is an ideology and should be treated as a religion. Based on the Supreme Court mandated separation of Church and State, liberalism should not be allowed to be taught in schools.

  4. Equality. Such a nice sounding word.

    Until it isn’t.

    Just like tolerance goes (or is supposed to go) both ways, same with equality.

    These folks from the Lettuce Greens Bacon Tomato from Quiznos community need to get it through their heads: equality also means equal to be criticized. Stop whining every time someone says something you don’t like because you are NOT special and you are NOT exceptional. You are part of this life called “humanity” and all of us get praised and criticized. You don’t get an exemption from that.

  5. Once again, LGBTQRS’ers shoving their sexual proclivities in everyone else’s face. But God forbid anyone address our Creator’s existence in public. I’m SO OVER this 2-tiered system whereby normal people have to take a back seat whilst the pervs get to parade their perversion down Main Street.

  6. She is a very sweet girl and I am happy that she is standing up for the word of God, but what are schools teaching in the way of grammar and speech?

    1. That you’re a special and wonderful person who should have great self-esteem even if you have no command of the english language.

  7. Why are we forced to look at the stupid rainbow flags? If she is forced to look at those ugly things then why can’t she post Bible verses?

  8. I admire her intent, but question her methods.

    I’ve long been skeptical of the effectiveness of trying to club non-believers with Scripture. Whether it’s homosexuality or abortion or divorce or whatever else – it just seems like a non-starter that takes them from Zero to Pissed as soon as the words are registered; which in turn shuts down the debate before it can even begin. So what does that accomplish? (Other than smug self-satisfaction at your own righteousness?)

    I get it. Christians (especially the Born Agains) have a thing about saving souls instead of solving problems, because they think the former automatically accomplishes the latter. But as a Catholic, I’ve never understood this approach because – as a rational human being – I think swaying people on tough subjects using a secular approach is more effective to helping open them to faith. That is, if you can convince someone WITHOUT using God to come around on positions held by Christians, maybe they’ll find themselves being a little more open to Christianity itself once they’re siding with Christians. Maybe not, but it’s certainly more likely to work than pissing them off and making them reflexively defensive will.

    Plus, I can personally attest that while I have managed to change a few minds on a few tough subjects by effectively arguing with fact and reason, I have never convinced someone else to adopt my faith. Because I don’t think that’s actually possible (this is also why you can’t ever change the mind of an irrational person whose positions are based in subjectivity). I mean, I can give them the tools and point them in the right direction, but ultimately that’s a personal relationship with God that I can’t give them. I can give them facts. I can give them reason. But I can’t give someone my faith in God. Each person has to come to that one on their own.

    Now, should this girl have been suspended for what she did? Absolutely not. Even if she was targeting the GSA, suspending her over it is tantamount to declaring the Bible as “hate speech.” And that’s both absurd and bigoted. God may well be” the only answer to the confusion that some of this kids live with” – but just shotgunning Scripture down the hallway isn’t the way to open them to that answer.

    And that’s why I think Christians constantly lose these battles against opponents such as these. Sure, they have the media and academia and pop culture shielding them, but we also use the wrong tactics every time.

    You don’t bring people to God by shaking a Bible in their face. You do it by showing them how to get there, and then holding the door for them.

  9. So she’s suspended for sticking a couple of postits? I would love to see which verses that the school found so objectionable because this seems like a huge over reaction for a very minor infraction. Also either the gay kids already felt in their hearts that their same sex attractions were wrong and were therefore overly sesetive to the word of God or they are just typical snowflakes who have preconceived notions about Christianity.

  10. Pick your battles, but keep up the good work Gabby!

    Not that I necessary disagree, but there are far more of us than there are of them. So why do we let the vocal minority push us around? It may take someone dying on their sword, figurally speaking, to rally people into action. Saint Telemachus was killed while trying to protest the barbarous Roman gladiator games. His sacrifice spurred the emperor to put an end to the games. It takes someone to make a stand, regardless of the consequences.

  11. Remember when Obama disparaged those of us who bitterly cling to our bibles and guns?????

    Looks like we are are now completely in the cross hairs of the left.

  12. Making In School Suspensions Great Again. Great Work. There is no stopping the Word of God, no matter how what us mere humans think.

  13. Right Scoop: Pick your battles, but keep up the good work Gabby!

    Summed up perfectly.

    And just when I was beginning to feel a bit of pride for my home state of Ohio [after the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled on Planned Parenthood] too…

    Oh well, “perfect” is the enemy of the “good,” I suppose.

  14. It’s a sad day when a simple Bible verse triggers such outrage. They will come after our churches and Bibles as soon as they can.

  15. Make the suspension worth your efforts. The biggest wall on campus and a few cans of spray paint should do it.

    1. Oh it absolutely is.

      In this scenario above, EVERY opinion is accepted and welcomed EXCEPT from a Christian.

      Evidently, they’re soo “inclusive and sensitive to everyone’s point of view” that they’ll suspend every Christian to prove it.

      Just like California is soo “inclusive and sensitive to everyone’s point of view” that they’ll burn every book they must…

  16. Why is it there are “protected” classes in America? Shouldn’t all people have the very same rights under the Constitution? This young lady should be afforded the same rights as the gays. Or have we descended in to “Animal Farm” territory?

  17. A few of the Communist goals for the U.S. that were entered into the Congressional Record on January 10, 1963 that pretty much explain what’s happening here:

    15. Capture one or both of the political parties in the United States.
    26. Present homosexuality, degeneracy and promiscuity as “normal, natural, healthy.”
    27. Infiltrate the churches and replace revealed religion with “social” religion. Discredit the Bible and emphasize the need for intellectual maturity which does not need a “religious crutch.”
    28. Eliminate prayer or any phase of religious expression in the schools on the ground that it violates the principle of “separation of church and state.”

    1. You are absolutely right! Saul Alinsky is winning. And George Soros is propagating what you wrote above.

  18. Get permission and spread the message. If Christians are forbidden, but other groups aren’t then this is lawsuit time.

    Donate to organizations that defend persecuted Christians
    Alliance Defending Freedom

  19. We were told in the Bible we would be persecuted , God Bless the young lady for living her faith.

    1. Never though I would see it in the United States, a nation built upon freedom of religion. The puritans came here specifically to escape religious persecution. This simply should not be tolerated here.

  20. So, let’s crawl into the twisted mind of a liberal for a second and then after I make my comment, we can fly out of that black abyss. With their way of thinking, in this case, one person was offended, so they need to remove ALL the rainbow flags now, right? While I know liberals and the animals of The Left are the biggest hypocrites on the face of the earth, it seems to me that this is the most logical course to take with addressing this abomination (well, and sharing the Bible verses too). So use their own fire against them. End of point… time to go shower off the liberal filth now. *shudder*

  21. So I’m sure the school won’t mind letting the “Christian Club” put out Christian flags, right? It’s only fair and right… And it prevents them from being hypocrites about diversity. (I kid – it’ll never happen)

    1. Wanna bet they don’t ALLOW students to have a Christian Club (because of separation of church and state, donja know!)

    2. Naa they would only cry separation of Church and State, but they are also a religion. The LGBT is basically promoting retro-paganism, and they don’t want any competition. Especially not from their historical nemesis: Christianity.

  22. Though her timing or response may come into question, her heart sure won’t. I appreciate the effort and hopefully it will have touched some lives. And no doubt, God noticed her obedience.

    As for this “school” (indoctrination center), ISS… yeah, that’s really necessary, huh? I guess they showed her!!! SMH. As long as this disease is allowed to spread, Christianity will become increasingly under fire for simply trying to spread the truth. Evil can’t tolerate the light.

  23. The school needs to be attacked for being Anti-Christian and suffering from Christianphobia. If the student put something up against muslims she’d be assaulted be the school for Islamophobia so pull it in reverse. Apparently the school fails to be “diverse.”

      1. Fitting how you’re Sentinel and your ranking is “Noble Member.” It’s like this new commenting software knows you.

          1. Did you pay off some committee to achieve that status? Oh, wait. Wrong article. Should’ve said that under the celebs pay off schools to get their kids in.

            1. @plotevil

              I baked cookies for the Nobility Committee… but my plan was half-baked. :facepalmg:

  24. The rainbow thing is actually a slap in the face to God. He said He put HIS bow in the cloud. Genesis 9:13 “I do set my bow in the cloud, and it shall be for a token of a covenant between me and the earth.” How totally coincidental that they’d chose the rainbow. Not! 😡

    1. Take a closer look at the ‘rainbow’ flag. It only has 6 colors, and that’s probably not a coincidence either.

      1. @jamesmadison

        That’s a very good observation. Further perversion of something beautiful God created.

      2. From Wikipedia: “The flag was originally created with eight colors, but pink and turquoise were removed for production purposes, and since 1979 it has consisted of six colored stripes.” Ironically, in biblical numerology the number 6 represents man and sin.

    2. I’ve said the same thing before. They took a symbol that was a reminder of the last time God judged the world for their sins. It’s almost like they are poking God in the eye and daring him to do something. They are not the first to hijack the rainbow though, the New Age movement did it before them.

      1. It’s similar to how they’re attempting to use climate change (i.e. part of biblical prophecy) to take over the world.

  25. I teach at a Christian school from a Bible-based curriculum. Thank God for the vision of our pastor to give a safe place for young people to be educated in the midst of this disgusting world in which we live.

  26. Sick of this rainbow BS….so no bible verses are allowed but gay pride flags can be everywhere? Is our country backwards or what? This needs to stop and I am glad to see a young girl doing the right thing. Too many are cowardly and do nothing to fight against this gay agenda being shoved in our faces everywhere we turn. Enough.

  27. the scghool’s policy does NOT prohibit posting things from the bible according to one article I read- so they couldn’t get her for violating that, so they went after her claiming she was ‘targeting blah blaH BLAH”, insinuating that it was a ‘hate crime’. How soon before Christians get to claim ‘hate crime’ when school officials/teachers try to pervert their Christian beliefs? The gay agenda ‘attacks Christianity’s beliefs’- by trying to force Christians to comply- against God’s will- Against the word of God- The Christian faith is under attack- but Christians don’t get to claim ‘hate crime’ like other groups do? Perhaps Christians should sue for ’emotional distress’ caused by constant pressure by school officials/teachers to deny the word of God or keep silent about God’s word- which is a direct violation of 1’st amendment

  28. God bless this young woman for her Christian witness. Her parents should hire Alliance Defense Fund or some other law firm and sue the school.

  29. School officials accused the student of ‘targeting’ the Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) club and gave her In School Suspension (ISS).

    Sounds like the other way around to me, the only difference is they can get away with it.

  30. The gay agenda has no place in public schools, especially since parents are forced to by law to send their kids to these schools or else you go to jail. It really is indoctrination actually. It is a different story with Colleges since people choose to attend them unlike the public school system and it’s not mandatory.

  31. This is why I do not want to ever budge when it comes to negotiating with progressives.

    You simply cannot negotiate with them. If you give them an inch, they will not only demand a mile, but they will call you all kinds of ‘ists’ for only giving them an inch to begin with.

  32. Government should be completely out of the business of running indoctrination camps aka “public schools”. This isn’t about church and state. This is about government taking over an entire sector of our lives in which it is completely incompetent.

    1. Heck, even private Christian schools will soon be unable to preach Christian beliefs.

      Give it time. You know that is where we are headed.

  33. I love how the younger generation is fighting back like this. She was not attacking, she was just posting religious notes of encouragement. Who did it hurt? Could it have helped? Maybe yes, maybe no, but the Stalinist principal and teachers can’t have their charges stepping out of line. I think there are many young people like this girl who are strong in their faith and not afraid to spread love and support for those they feel are lost. Good for her!

  34. I applaud this young lady for standing up for her beliefs. And people wonder why more & more kids are being home schooled. :thumbsup:

  35. I smell a lawsuit for infringing on her 1st Amendment rights.

    It’s sad, but it’s now becoming more evident that suing these fascist admins & districts out of every dollar they’ll ever earn in life is the only way to stop this.

  36. Wow! And I just got suspended from Twitter for posting that transgender doesn’t exist. The forces of evil are strong these days. Kudos to girls like her for standing up to this sinful agenda!

    1. @Switch That’s a hot button issue on Twitter these days. I got the boot for using the word tranny.

        1. @Zombie I’m not going to bother reinstating the account. Twitter isn’t all that important.

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