Chuckles Todd Barely Contains His Sneering At Carly

On Meet the Press on Sunday, Chuck Todd asked GOP candidate Carly Fiorina about why she doesn’t have a tax plan laid out on her website. As Carly answered his question, Todd could’t contain his superior leftist amusement.

Remember, there is no media bias.

Carly explains that politicians always put tax plans on their websites that are written by staffers and outsiders and that never ever actually become policy. She suggests that they are largely meaningless and that voters care about actual answers. She tells Chuck that anyone can ask her a question on her site and she’ll answer it.

How often do politicians put out detailed plans? How often do they get enacted? Never. That’s the problem. Politicians put out detailed plans for all kinds of things that never happen. But if you go to the website, what you can do is ask a question, and you will see me answering the question in public, verbally.

That’s when the camera catches Todd with his out-loud chuckle and bemused grin.

Just remember, there is no media bias.

Fiorina does indeed have a place to ask her questions on her site. And what’s more, of all the candidates, she is one of the most adept and informed when it comes to answering questions, both from regular voters and from the biased media that is not biased. She has many times explained what her tax plan would cover, including in this very interview. But Chuck Todd believes he has a gotcha. So Chuck Todd laughs.

But not, of course, because of any fictional media bias.

H/T goes to liberal site The Daily Banter, where Christopher can’t even avoid sneering contempt when submitting his fake question to Fiorina, because liberals just absolutely cannot help themselves.

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