Climate of FEAR: Houston TEACHER charged after cramming KID in her TRUNK because of COVID

When Republicans correctly refer to Bernie Sanders as a socialist, or anyone anywhere as a communist, trust Tapper and CNN to say they are creating a “climate of fear.” But when covid disinformation spreaders like Justice Sotomayor create HYSTERIA by lying about the disease, you won’t see CNN or any news outlet, even Fox News or Newsmax, saying that it’s a climate of fear created by officials like Fauci, Democrats like Pelosi, and anchors like Tapper.

But that’s definitely what it is. Enter Sarah Beam, a Houston teacher who is facing charges after she put her own child in the TRUNK of her car because the kid tested positive.


Cy-Fair ISD teacher is accused of locking her 13-year-old son in the trunk of her moving vehicle this week at a COVID-19 drive-thru testing site because she didn’t want to be exposed to him, charging documents state.

The school district confirmed Friday that the teacher, 41-year-old Sarah Beam, had a warrant issued for her arrest. She has been an employee with Cy-Fair ISD since 2011, most recently teaching at Cypress Falls High School.

Beam’s court documents state her charge as felony endangering a child.

According to the documentation, Beam had driven to the Pridgeon Stadium testing site on Monday, Jan. 3, when the Cy-Fair ISD director of health services, who was working the drive-thru, saw Beam’s vehicle with the teen in the trunk. Beam was said to have acknowledged to the director of health that her son was in the trunk due to him having been tested positive for the coronavirus.

The documents state Beam kept him there to prevent her from getting exposed while driving her child to the stadium for additional testing.

That’s insane. But by all accounts Beam herself did not used to be insane. She’s been driven mad by the Covid regime in America.

She’s not alone. From lies about the spread of covid to lies about prevention to lies about everything else, from every corner of our establishment, this kind of hysterical reaction is something we will probably continue to see more of as the Democrats stretch covid tyranny and fear-mongering out for as long as they can keep getting away with it.

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