Clock Boy Looking to Cash In With $15 Million Dollar Lawsuit, Among Other Demands

Ahmed Mohamed’s family wants an apology for the “controversy” the erupted when his briefcase bomb look-a-like frankenclock alarmed a teacher in Texas who didn’t want the children in her school to be put at risk. Oh, and fifteen million dollars too, while you’re at it please.

The letter from the family’s attorneys delivered today and obtained by the Dallas Morning News outlines the money-grab. They are seeking $10 million from the city and $5 million from the school district.

Part of the letter says that, “for personal security reasons, Ahmed and family are in Doha, Qatar.” Which may be the first time ever someone said they went TO the Middle East for security reasons. You can read the whole thing here, courtesy of Morning News reporter Avi Selk. It’s full of exaggerated claims of hardship and a truly Mary Shelley-esque representation of the actions of the school, the city, the press, the teacher, the police, and basically anyone who was alive at the time anywhere on earth.

The Blaze notes that they made sure the media got hold of the demands first, and the people expected to actually comply had to wait.

The two officials being asked to publicly apologize are Irving Mayor Beth Van Duyne and Police Chief Larry Boyd. Following the publication of this article, Van Duyne first told TheBlaze that “no one from the city has even seen the letter.”

She added, “Apparently, it was more important to get the letter to the media first.” Roughly an hour later, the mayor confirmed that the city had received the letter from the Mohamed family’s attorneys.

What? You mean Ahmed ‘Clock Boy’ Mohamed and his family wanted media attention? That’s so out of character!!!

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