CNBC’s Santelli blows gasket on Biden as inflation numbers come in, and even Jim Cramer lets Joe have it!

CNBC has had it up to here with Joe Biden’s destruction of the American economy, starting with Rick Santelli absolutely losing it when the inflation numbers came in, and then Jim Cramer of all people calling the entire administration a bunch of LIARS on the economy and especially on oil and natural gas – you know, the thing making your supposed higher paying job a wash.

Santelli was on air when the inflation numbers came in and he want off on Joe.

The Blaze summarizes:

“You know, there are so many comments here about, ‘Oh, the administration can only do so much,'” he continued. “You know what? We all said that about the Fed. And then there’s this thing called ‘forward guidance.’ So the Fed gets the market to do things long before it takes action by telling [people] what’s in their head what lies down the road.”

Inversely, Santelli said the “forward guidance” from Biden has been to demonize the oil and gas industry.

“What was the forward guidance with this administration on energy? We know the answer,” he said. “Maybe they can’t get things to happen faster, but by giving positive forward guidance, by not closing pipelines, by not talking pre-election about how much they don’t like fossil fuel, maybe things would have turned out a bit different.”

Later in the day, Jim Cramer joined in on the bash fest.

This kind of thing won’t last. Well — it will for Santelli, but Cramer will be back to sucking up to Biden soon enough.

But while it happens live it’s incredibly refreshing, despite the fact that it is such terrible news for America.

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