CNN actively running a campaign to drive advertisers off InfoWars

CNN is contacting advertisers who have ads on YouTube videos from InfoWars in order to drive them away and cause their ad revenue to dwindle.

Watch how the reporting on this story progresses:

Some of the biggest brands in the U.S. had ads running on the YouTube channels for far-right website InfoWars and its founder, notorious conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, and they say they had no idea YouTube was allowing their advertising to appear there.

Last week, YouTube reprimanded the conspiracy theory site and Jones for violating its community guidelines after a video posted to The Alex Jones Channel, InfoWars’ biggest YouTube account, claimed student anti-gun activists were actors.

Now YouTube and Jones’ channel on it are in the spotlight again. CNN has discovered ads on InfoWars’ channels from companies and organizations such as Nike (NKE), Acer, 20th Century Fox, Paramount Network, the Mormon Church, Moen, Expedia (EXPE), Alibaba (BABA), HomeAway, Mozilla, the NRA, Honey, Wix and ClassPass.

Why are they “in the spotlight”? Because CNN is purposely going after their advertisers. They pretend they’re just doing journalism, but this is a cover for an activist campaign. Do they ever do this to the far left? Doubt it.


Many of the brands — including Nike, Moen, Expedia, Acer, ClassPass, Honey, Alibaba and OneFamily — have suspended ads on InfoWars’ channels after being contacted by CNN for comment.

This is what those left-wing scumbags do to right-wing figures like Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity, but it’s under the guise of journalism.


 Companies can prevent their ads from appearing on any channel, at any time, by adding those channels to their account’s “blacklist.” Some of the companies CNN spoke with said that when they purchased ads on YouTube, they specifically included some of InfoWars’ YouTube channels on their “blacklist,” but that they were unaware InfoWars had other YouTube channels.

Look, I’m not defending InfoWars, they’re scummy conspiracy-mongers, but we have to highlight these abuses because they start attacking at the fringe, and slowly make their way to the rest of us….

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