CNN analyst shocks Chris Cuomo, goes BALLISTIC over Congress demanding to know what Trump said to a foreign leader

Last night Chris Cuomo ran with this new intel scandal about Trump promising something to a foreign leader, but hit a huge roadblock when he asked CNN analyst Philip Mudd about it:

Mudd went ballistic on both the intel agency for collecting intel on Trump and for Congress thinking they have a right to know what Trump said on the phone call in question.

Mudd says Trump can say whatever he wants to foreign leaders because he’s the president and it’s not the job of the intel agencies to worry about it. He likened this to when Trump said the intel agencies were spying on him in 2016, suggesting this sounds a lot like that.

Mudd also added, rather emphatically, that Congress doesn’t have the right to know what Trump says to foreign leaders either.

He says a lot more in the clip so be sure and check it out.

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93 thoughts on “CNN analyst shocks Chris Cuomo, goes BALLISTIC over Congress demanding to know what Trump said to a foreign leader

  1. Since Trump has been in office I have learned so much about my country. And how it works. I’ve learned that we’ve been giving money to people who hate us and that we’ve been taking care of all of the countries around the world. Mexico, El Salvador and Guatemala. Now I know what the purpose is for all those alphabet agencies. I am learning of things I didn’t really understand. Thanks president Trump.

  2. We are losing more of our Constitution every day!

    UNELECTED agencies are ruling our country, as opposed to representatives elected by the citizens. Not looking good, folks!!

  3. Fredo’s next scoop will likely be a reprise of the old Gilda Radnor skit from SNL back in the day. “WHAT’S ALL THIS ABOUT VIOLINS ON TELEVISION”? Oh, never mind.

  4. What could he possibly have promised that could be illegal?

    Even if the president promised to give North Korea a nuclear tipped ICBM or a nuclear powered aircraft carrier, the president lacks the authority to act on the promise.

    Wait…what was it CNN said at the time when the former president “promised” flexibility to Mevedev once his election was over? Oh right…nothing.

    1. And we don’t even know if what the guy is so panicked over is anything worth paying attention to. I see Democrats all the time panicking over Trump. It’s the end of the world. The guy trying to whistleblow may be off his effing rocker.

  5. I don’t care if PDJT promised to send Bernie Sanders to be Putin’s right-hand-man just to get him out
    of the presidential race. Hearsay of what one world leader says to another in a phone conversation
    is ridiculous headline news.

  6. Thank you, Philip. Well said.

    Whether you like or dislike Trump, NO member of Capital Hill has ANY authority to demand to know what was said, and whomever in the Intel Community that pulled this stunt needs exposed because they’re obviously a political hack and unfit for the duty they’re supposed to perform.

  7. And, of course, Mr Angry Man failed to bring up Obama’s multiple questionable statements, such as his making a fool out of himself, promising to supplicate himself to Putin, if he won his 2nd election, and his statements against our ally, Israel, with our not so much of an ally, France.

      1. Mudd’s complaint is that intel guys should not be spying on the president and reporting what he says to Congress. Which makes Obama’s comment to Medvedev different from a whistleblower complaint, since Obama was actually overheard saying it on a hot microphone.

        We don’t know the actual complaint made, so I don’t think Mudd was addressing whether it was a valid complaint so much as complaining about an intel guy trying to use a whistleblower law to report on the president’s negotiations with a foreign leader.

        It seems to me that the whistleblower law would not override executive privilege, Whistleblower laws depend for their authority on Congress having the power to collect information on the agencies they authorize and fund. Not on the president.

      2. Which is the opposite of what I just said. I said that the guest should’ve been the one to bring it up. Along with that, he should’ve asked Cuomo if he thought that inquiries and whistle blowers should’ve been sounding alerts, after that.

    1. Gasp, you mean there was perfidy going on right there in the White House?
      Now, who would say something like that, to Russia no less.

      Trick question- who wore treason better? Obama or Trump.

      1. Anyone who wants to fundamentally transform America. I’m sure that they would have to have done something that would qualify as treason.

    1. What’s so terrifying about it? I’m not the best on “legal speak” but it appears to me that he’s extensively stating how he wants approval to tell Congress what that intelligence guy complained about without fear of reprisal.

      If Mudd is right they should tell the IG to pound sand because they shouldn’t be spying on the President.

      Are you saying that it’s terrifying he is trying to go to Congress about Trump talks with a foreign leader or are you saying it’s terrifying that apparently Trump is doing something vewy vewy bad. Bad Trump!

      If it’s the latter we have no idea what the guy is in such a tizzy about. He’s probably just a snowflake liberal that panics like Alysa Milano.

      1. He’s literally the guy that Trump picked, so I don’t know how he’s some liberal snowflake.

        He’s basically saying that the DNI is breaking the law (which is not actually in dispute), jeopardizing whistleblowers, and fundamentally impairing his ability to do his job.

        It’s a pretty blaring alarm.

        1. “He says…”. I’ve heard accounts that say this is not something covered in the whistleblower law. It’s not just Mudd. Listening in on Trump’s conversations to foreign leaders is not their purview. If that’s the case then this guy is out in left field and has no case. Just because Trump appointed him doesn’t mean he doesn’t hate Trump. We’ve seen plenty that do…Scare-a-muchie and many more.

          Additionally, you have no idea what the guy is screaming about. You should know by now that Trump haters freak out over everything he does, and maybe we should wait to hear more details. Maybe he’s being impaired from “doing his job” because he’s not doing what he’s entitled to do in his job…which is to spy on Trump and report to Democrats.

          1. Will all due respect, that is insane.

            First of all, under the law, the ICIG, not the ODNI, makes the call as to whether a whistleblower complaint concerns an “urgent” matter. The fact that ODNI has stepped in is already a violation of the law as written, and I’m not ready to accept that the executive can just ignore and rewrite the law at will.

            Second of all, the assumption that everyone in government who does something that might be bad for Trump is part of some deep state coup is extraordinarily dangerous and is basically a hop skip and a jump away from accepting him as a quasi-monarch.

            Now, let me ask you something. I’m not saying that this is what happened, because everyone is just speculating and it could be something entirely different. But let’s say that Trump who, until very recently, had been refusing to disburse aide to Ukraine in violation of the law, promised the leader of Ukraine that he would give them that money (which was never in his discretion to withhold) if Ukraine opened an investigation into Joe Biden and/or his son. Would that be acceptable to you, and is that the sort of thing that congress has no business knowing about?

        2. Well, we’ve already found out the hard way that Trump doesn’t pick the “best people”. The guy is just trying to justify his job and get the latest gossip story on the President. He can pound sand.

  8. Keep in mind that Philip Mudd has been a CNN contributor that hates Trump.

    Obviously the coup against the Trump presidency continues.

    It is Shiff for Brains that has promoted, leaked, and pushed this story. Just like he promised that he had hard evidence that Trump colluded with the Russians, until the Mueller Report proved him wrong.

    These die hard liberals will never give up.

  9. Those ….”familiar with the matter”….

    This means anyone who heard the gossip or rumor from two unidentified Obama deep staters.

  10. Don’t forget Team Obama did not want his “legacy” over-turned.
    Anything that was not done in foreign affairs by Obama, would be shocking to his lackies if Trump did it..

  11. Did dumb hating Trump mudd realize what has just been exposed is that why he is so angry?? THIS just proves they have and are spying on Trump…..he just said it provided proof to the scumbags………..he hates Trump so why would he be so angry at the intell guys?????? yep it has to be because they just exposed how corrupt they all are…perhaps someone would like to reveal what barry obama said in private to other leaders….I would love to hear those conversations…………

  12. It’s my understanding that Mudd is either a Never-Trumper or he at least doesn’t like the President very much. If that’s the case he’s choosing to be intellectually honest about Congressional overreach or abuse that he ends up defending Trump in the process.

    1. I don’t like Trump very much and I think what Mudd says in this clip is right on. Like him or lump him, Trump is the President and foreign policy starts and ends with him.

      1. Then you’re definitely not a tunnel-visioned Never-Trumper. You’re able to still make rational conclusions. Some people hate Trump so much they will vote against the country to avoid siding with Trump on anything.

    2. I suspect there are LOT of more moderate liberals, democrats and rinos who have had it with the “new” Commie-Socialist Progressive Demo☭rat Party. As Reagan said, “I did not leave the Democrat Party; the Democrat Party left me.” These days, they are so bizarre, it seems as if the Dems have left planet Earth!

      1. We will NEVER see the word extremist used to describe any democrat, but I’m sure they’ve probably called Romney or McCain extremists at least once over some issue. But there is no media bias they whine. Sure there isnt.

      2. Yeah, and that was a long time ago that Reagan said that too. He would be totally disgusted just how much worse the Democrats have become.

        1. Isn’t interesting how the Lord takes us before the world becomes so completely insane to us? So glad he and Mrs. Reagan did not live to see this.

          1. I’m not so worried about me. I’m sure I will be gone before it all comes tumbling down. I’m worried about my daughter and grandson.

  13. How about we get to delve into Feinstein’s, the Clintons and others in the demonrat party and their conversations with world leaders that grease their palms! Let’s demand to know about that.

    I do not understand any of this BS about Trump speaking to other world leaders…what’s changed?? Presidents of the USA have private conversations with world leaders all the time. Recently, we can surmise the sorts of love chats obama had with Iran.

    Meanwhile, just watched this video about how refugees are brought in BY THE UN (which we know is NOT run by our allies anymore) and I had to share. Please watch when you have the opportunity. More than ever before, we MUST GET OUT OF THE UNITED NATIONS!

    AWESOME VIDEO by Ann Corcoran about how refugees come here and how they are distributed throughout the USA. If you do not know, you’d better listen to this, as we are being invaded. She used to have a blog through WordPress but was dumped – so much for free speech. Learn more about this former liberal environmental lobbyist turned anti-refugee farmer and why by typing “ANN CORCORAN REFUGEE WATCHER” into the DuckDuckGo search engine OR visit refugeesettlementwatch (.org).

    1. Allegedly Trump threatened Ukraine if they did not reopen the investigation into Biden and Sons. Schiff is screaming “election interferance”.

      Just in time to deflect the Obama deep state election interference on Trump by Team Obama, Brennan, Comey and Clapper.

    2. OMG it never ends! This is truly disgusting. Yes, we are being invaded. Thank God for Ann Corcoran. Here’s another hole in the damn that needs plugging. I’m so exasperated by these evil people who hate America so much that they want to invade and destroy her. God help us.

      1. Yes, it is horrifying that our own government is permitting this. Clearly, we are already under that one-world order government with no sovereignty. It is clear that the obama administration sold us all out…probably how he can afford that mansion he and Michael just bought. When America folds, the entire world will cave to evil.

    3. Ann Corcoran has been one of my heroes for several years. After wordpress dumped her I made sure I bought her most recent book. Happy to learn she has another platform now and was able to migrate most of her archives.

      1. I really had no idea who she was but she has apparently been struggling to educate us all for many years. May God bless her.

        1. Yes indeed. I love her backstory. Just someone like you or I, in the beginning, who gets curious and wants to know what is going on. And won’t rest until she does. She is a blessing.

  14. Tucker or Hannity just aired this tonite…..Mudd was pretty impressive, had me double-checking my TV station!

  15. I’m actually bummed that CNN hired someone like that to knock some sense into them. I really was hoping for another CNN conspiracy theory hysteria story to completely demolish whatever credibility they may have left.

      1. But he’s a Bush guy, so I don’t think they were looking for someone to agree with them. I really think they are afraid of more embarrassments; otherwise, they’re done as a “news organization”

          1. Oh, I’m sure they researched him and knew he’s a Bush guy. Look, as much as I think they are total leftist partisans, they aren’t totally stupid. They want to make sure they get some objective perspective, so that the organization doesn’t get flushed down the toilet with its ratings free fall post Mueller.

  16. they are nuts- they act like if trump is alone with putin something fishy went down— like trump can’t call him anytime he wants on a phone- not in public– people are batshi^ crazy over this

  17. Kudos to Phil Mudd because he just made clear it’s wrong not only for the IC to spy on Trump but this now proves they’ve been doing it since………….???

  18. Why wasn’t the Intel community monitoring Obama and Biden this closely? This is insane and I have had it. I really don’t expect much from the swamp monster Barr.

    1. They were too busy spying on Obama’s political detractors and conservative journalists at his direction. Spying on Obama would have been like a mobster’s security boss spying on the Don. Even Obama’s toadies weren’t dumb enough to risk angering the Master and his Iranian Mouse..

  19. CNN wasn’t concerned when Obama told the president of Russia that he could be more flexible after the election over a hot mike……..

  20. We know how foul mouthed Cuomo can be after someone referred to him as Fredo while out in public with his wife. I imagine he came completely unglued after Mudd threw him under the bus on live TV.

    1. He and Nadler can go commiserate at the corner bar….they both were publicly put in their places, and the whole world saw it!

  21. I’d like to stick my fist through the TV and yank Cuomo by the hair until he squeals like a little girl. He’s despicable. ARRRGH! I’m so glad to see this on CNN. I’m shocked Chris didn’t stop the interview.
    Also, tonight I believe it was, Rudy Guiliani was on Laura Ingraham and they played a clip of Rudy spanking the hell out of Chris Cuomo, calling him a sellout and all kinds of stuff. It’s about time the right steps up and calls a spade a spade. Oh wait…am I still allowed to say that? 🙁

  22. Mudd is correct. The President can say whatever he wants to on a call with a head of state. Did the intel service ever express a concern over Obama’s conversations? Did we ever hear about anything related to Obama’s private conversations with other head of states? This is absolutely ridiculous.

  23. LOL Freedo Cuomo a real moron that got that job because of his name, he always has that dumbass look as he looks into the camera!

  24. Somebody said something (not sure what) to another person (neither names known) about
    hearing an account of Trump actually having discourse with other world leaders.

    These people are going mad.

    1. They’re not sure what happened but they’re really, really pi$$ed off about it. Pretty much the reaction from the pinheads on a daily basis.

  25. Allegedly it was a phone conversation with Ukraine over an investigation of what Biden and Biden’s son was doing in that country, with the promise US relations would improve it Ukraine acted on further investigations.

    Since Biden already bragged about black-mailing Ukraine with US taxpayer dollars to stop investigations over his sone, not sure where the real story is.

    Schiff is screaming illegal election interference, but Biden is not the nominee for any election at this time. He and his sons are just crooks on the loose by all accounts.

    Real story is the upcoming IG report from Horowitz and taking down Clapper, Comey and Brennan.

  26. Democrats should be grateful if Trump takes Biden out of contention by exposing his dirty dealing in Ukraine while Obama’s VP.

  27. CNN credibility has such a low bar, when one of their regular contributors makes sense, it’s noteworthy. CNN is only a side job though. Mr. Mudd is ex cyA and president of Mudd Management, a company specializing in security consulting, public speaking about security issues, and analytic training..very interesting bio.

  28. “Somebody said something to somebody that the President said something to somebody”

    Does fredo really understand what he just said. Hell No !!!! Then he goes on to say the the lib/dim watch word of the year…“If True” this could be blah, blah, blah.

    But yet they wonder why they have a lower rating than Congress????

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