CNN analysts call Wilson’s testimony ‘fanciful’, blames prosecutor for corrupting the process

A CNN analyst, who claims to be an attorney, said this morning that Officer Darren Wilson’s testimony about what happened was fanciful. Seriously. And on top of that both this attorney and Van Jones, who also claims to be an attorney, besmirch this prosecutor, arguing that he corrupted the process by never really wanting an indictment or something.


Pardon the phrase, but the old saying ‘damned if you do, damned if you don’t’ applies here. This prosecutor was damned no matter what he did. If he had made the choice on indictment based on the evidence, as some suggested he should, there would have been outrage. But instead of putting the decision in his hands, he put it in the hands of our piers and still, there’s outrage. If the governor had appointed a special prosecutor, as Van Jones suggested, and there was no indictment, there would be outrage!

The constant complaints about the process is all they’ve got. They really can’t quarrel with the evidence and testimony. No, they attack the process because that’s really the only place they can get any traction and keep the lies going. And honestly I’m sick of it.

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