CNN and MSNBC can’t WAIT to not have to cover THIS murder. Security guard DEFENDING journalists from THUGS

Security guard and former cop Kevin Nishita was killed by marauders in California over the holiday. He was defending a news team covering another smash-and-grab robbery in Oakland. There are a lot of them, because the post-apocalyptic hellhole that Democrats are turning California into doesn’t like the idea of punishing criminals.

Some people, like Seth Rogen, think it’s stupid to even talk about it and that you’re the bad guy for objecting to being robbed. Yeah, that is what he really thinks.

CNN accidentally reported the phenomenon sweeping across the left coast, saying people are terrified (Obviously not Seth Rogen who is brave and strong and cool) but of course not putting blame anywhere.

But you know where the blame goes. To the criminals and thieves, yes. And to the enablers. Kevin Nishita is also a victim of the left’s governance.

The security guard died from his injuries Saturday morning after being shot in an attempted armed robbery while on assignment protecting a KRON4 crew.

The victim is Kevin Nishita. He leaves behind a wife, two children and three grandchildren. Nishita worked as an armed guard for Star Protection Agency.

He was protecting and serving, still. They were covering the rampant crime.

The KRON4 crew was covering a story on Wednesday about a recent robbery where 12 thieves wearing masks and hoods raided a clothing store on the 300 block of 14th Street.

At 12:20 p.m. Wednesday, an assailant attempted to steal KRON4’s camera equipment, according to police.

He was shot in the abdomen. He died on Saturday.

Now that someone was murdered by these criminal thugs while defending journalists you can expect them NOT to amp up their outrage. After all, Trump isn’t in office, so it would just be bashing actual criminals, which they hate to do, Democrats (but I repeat myself) which they hate to do, or Biden (but I repeat repeat myself) which they avoid doing at all costs.

Goes against the narrative. This story will go away faster than the Waukesha vehicular terror. And that’s VERY fast.

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