CNN calls Kenosha protests “mostly peaceful” with FIRE RAGING in the background

Earlier this year with a fire raging in the background, MSNBC host Ali Velshi declared the protest was peaceful even though fires had been started:

Both he and MSNBC was mocked for that immensely.

Well now CNN is doing the same thing. Note the chyron:

“Fiery but mostly peaceful protests after police shooting”??? Who wrote this chyron, Don Lemon? I guess if they can’t make the riots go away, they’ll just tell people there are no riots!

Seriously, if it’s mostly peaceful, then why did the governor just accept Trump’s help to send in many more National Guardsmen? Why have we seen fires raging each night around the city and then the night before last we saw people getting shot? Why have armed citizens felt the need to come to the city and protect it from the destruction we’ve been seeing all week? CNN’s chyron writers are just willfully deceiving people and it’s pathetic.

CNN has also been mocked heavily for this. Instead of posting a bunch of tweets, I’ll just post this one which made me LOL:

Below is the actual video segment from CNN. The reporter does a better job at describing what’s happening than the chyron writer, so it’s not all bad:

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