CNN cheerleads Biden declaring a ‘National Emergency’ over Climate Change – [VIDEO]

Senator Joe Manchin is becoming a thorn in the side of Democrats and here is CNN cheerleading a way for Biden to go around the Congress on Climate Change:

CNN’s Chief Climate Correspondent (seriously, that’s a thing?) Bill Weir says Biden can get around Manchin’s obstructionism by declaring a ‘national emergency’ on Climate Change, like Trump did for securing the border.

He then argues:

“A lot of people would argue that this IS a national emergency as opposed to that one before (securing border)”.

‘A lot of people’ means he’s speaking for himself, among others. That’s how reporters and hosts cloak their own personal views all the time.

Weir adds that Schumer is pushing Biden to declare a climate national emergency so he can divert funds to his Climate agenda.

These radicals are out of control. There is nothing wrong with the Climate, but even if there were, what in the heck can Biden or any one country do about it? NOTHING.

This ‘national emergency’ talk is just an excuse for Biden to create phony green jobs just like Obama did, to cover up for all the jobs he’s killing with his terrible policies.

Here is Biden today trying to sell this ‘exisenthal threat to the planet‘ as a jobs program:

I’ll leave you with this tweet from Steve Scalise:

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