CNN CONFRONTS Nadler with his own HYPOCRITICAL statements about Clinton impeachment

CNN made Nadler answer for his previous comments about impeachment when he said that if it was pursued in a partisan way that it would just divide the country.

That’s from the Republican account so they cut out all of Nadler’s answer. But it’s a really good point. The entire system that the founders handed us depend on the people. The Democrats need to persuade enough people that it puts pressure on the Representatives voting on impeachment and those Senators voting on removal. If they haven’t done that, then Nadler’s past comments completely apply. It’s only going to divide America more.

When it comes down right to it, impeachment is not a law enforcement action, it’s a political one. And that means it depends on enough people believing that it is necessary. Whatever else one might think about Trump, the Dems have not proven their charges to justify impeachment.

Here’s the whole interview with his complete answer:

Good luck with that, buddy.

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