CNN contrib, WaPo columnist SPILLS the truth: Libs DIG Castro and Commie Cuba, won’t LET Biden ‘go hard’

There are so many funny things in this clip, which is only 30 seconds long. This guy tells the full out truth about the “progressive” wing of Democrats controlling the administration, and how they love commies, adored Fidel, want to have the same authoritarian power here, and want to signal to Miguel Diaz-Canel Bermudez that they are down with crushing the struggle.

Oh sure, you have to understand the full context to understand all that he gives away here, but hey libs are always crying about “context” so that’s good, right?


Right off the bat I think it’s just plain funny to imagine Joe Biden “going hard” against anyone. You know other than reporters he doesn’t like.

Secondly, it’s hilarious how he is just dumping the dirt and doesn’t even think there’s anything wrong with saying it. I guess in one sense when you’re on CNN you feel safe to talk knowing almost nobody is watching. And because woke culture thinks it is winning America, he probably feels safe telling the truth. And of course, there’s the fact that it’s OBVIOUS.

So it is hilarious in a hundred ways. But it’s also glorious watching them just run their mouths about who they really are.

The Cuban regime is Marxist. They espouse Marxism, they practice it, they claim it as their own. It’s in the party identity. Just like it’s in the Democrats identity, in BLM’s identity, in the Squad’s identity, in the media’s. It’s what progressives are.

So yes, it makes you laugh to see one of them just spit it out and burn all the rest who try to keep it on the down low. But it’s also terrible to think that because of it they can’t even offer the barest moral support to a people crying for freedom.

Honestly in the old days we’d just oust the regime, annex the island, plop a few McDonald’s down, and sleep soundly knowing a whole nation of people are finally free of 70 year old cars and being ripped from their homes by secret police in the middle of the night for having opinions.

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