CNN does a great segment on ‘SWAT-ing’ with Erick Erickson

Mediaite caught this segment from CNN as Don Lemon sits down with Erick Erickson to discuss the ‘SWAT-ing’ incident that happened to his family as well as other conservative bloggers:

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41 thoughts on “CNN does a great segment on ‘SWAT-ing’ with Erick Erickson

  1. Isn’t it nice of CNN to blame the victim?
    I liked a comment posted below, that a call for
    “civility” means conservative shut up.

  2. At first I was glad that CNN covered the story, but this jackass is turning it around on Erik and making it sound like it was his fault because of the “incivility” in politics. So conservatives are targeted for murder-by-cop and it’s OUR fault?! These people are damnable idiots.

  3. This should be taken seriously, that the caller intends to shoot Erickson’s wife. He should be tracked down and arrested. He sounds like a stalker, and probably has a criminal record.

  4. Can’t someone do a voice pattern analysis of the 911 calls and see if it matches Kimberlin’s voice print?

  5. CNN really did do a great job with this. –Cops should be alerted to this swatting. A recording of the voice should be sent all over this nation to cops, for voice recognition until the jerk is caught. And in the mean time, if more calls take place, cops should call the house number back to verify if it is real or just another swatting call.

  6. Since, apparently, this is a new tradition that’s looking to get traction and catch fire, I say Conservatives revive 3 old traditions:



    running people out of town on a rail

    If we’re feeling real sporty, we can go for a forth, introduced by foreigners: pitchcapping.

  7. This is the same guy who didn’t care that Spike Lee gave away Zimmerman’s (another Zimmerman) address.

  8. Batterers typically blame their victims. What is the difference between them and CNN?

  9. I’d laugh, but CNN shows it’s true colors. Paraphrasing and reading between the lines, but the CNN guy basically says:

    “Shouldn’t you tone down the conservative rhetoric, moderate your speech, Mr. Erickson, so you don’t don’t provoke this kind of reaction?”

    They’re not even ashamed to be Obama apologists at CNN. They seem to take pride in it.

  10. Here’s a crazy idea Don Lemon . . why not do some investigating on Brett Kimberlin. . . you know, News investigating . . . But be careful, you may actually get some ratings . .lol

    1. I wondered the same thing – why on earth would they not investigate the boogie man? I thought he was going to have a cow when Brett’s name came up & clearly, Eric wasn’t supposed to mention his name or the link that tied the SWATting together. Such an obvious duck.

    2. reading scripts from WH is much easier and a lot safer…..why bother….
      …………….on the other hand – MONEY-saving idea!! average high school kid could do their reading job – and many would do it for free….

  11. I understand what you are saying Don and you are correct but what about the President of the United States of America mockingly dividing people saying “So I’ve been a little amused over the last couple days where people have been having these rallies about taxes. You would think they would be saying, “Thank you!” That’s what you’d think!”

    and these same folks should be thankful for struggling to put food on their table and a roof over their head while Obama praises lawless criminal thugs and rapist: “Families like yours, young people like the ones here today – including the ones who were just chanting at me – you’re the reason that I ran for office in the first place.” It’s not only about politics any more Don, go talk to Brian Terry’s family.

  12. Ok, this segment was alright (for CNN), but it’s telling about CNN when the host has to start it out by saying, “I really want you to pay attention to this story.” Do they assume that their viewers don’t usually pay attention to them? Have their ratings dropped so low that they, themselves, don’t think they’re worth listening to normally? Hmmm…

    Swatting is bad, but any misuse of 911 is a violation and should be prosecuted.

  13. “Civility” is a word that is used to mean “Shut up, Conservatives.” It started up in earnest after Rep. Giffords was shot, but was never followed by (D) leadership themselves.

    If both will tone down the extremes, that is fine, but when Ed Shultz says whatever pops into his head, and Jackson says whatever he wants to, there is a disconnect.

    Rush doesn’t go to those extremes and got into a huge uproar when he used one mean word. Hannity doesn’t, Beck doesn’t, Malkin doesn’t.

    Civility has to be a 2-way street.

    1. But Giffords’ shooting had nothing to do with rhetoric. That was a made up story. The bad guy was a loony bird who hated everyone.

      1. Yes, I know it, but they tried hard to make that one stick. “Civility” has been the outcome.

    1. That link is nearly a year old. What does it have to do with the “price of tea in China”? Are you saying that what happened to Eric Ericson was done by a Palin supporter? Because that’s the take I’m getting from your post.

    1. You’re absolutely right. I am sure there are some on our side who are, perhaps, a little unstable, but I’ve not yet heard of a Conservative do anything violent or psychotic in the manner that we’ve seen these libs & OWS’ers perpetrate crimes against those with whom they disagree. It aggravates me that it’s always the libs who keep pushing the civility envelope when it’s their side that’s uncivil!!

      (I don’t believe that Timothy McVey was Conservative in the manner that today’s Conservatives truly just seek to understand and live by the Constitution, so I don’t buy into that one.)

      1. It’s the philosophy of ‘the ends justifies the means’. They believe their cause is just, therefore ‘anything goes’ is alright on their side. Whereas, the conservative view is warped, in their minds, so it needs to be slapped down.

        Conservatives, however, believe their cause is just, but must be accomplished through civil means and with the grace of God. They feel the liberal idea is warped, and they pray for the libs salvation, not destruction.

        Simple difference.

        1. You nailed it when you talked about the grace of God. That is Who/What is missing from most liberal arguments. They use their own “goodness” as a yardstick and not God’s Holiness. Therefore, since they believe they are “good” and we are not, they think they are wholly justified in taking us out, regardless of the tactic. Afterall, they are their own gods.

    2. When there is no God in your worldview, where the only thing that matters is getting your way here on earth, you come to make different decisions in life. Democrats and leftists don’t really have much in term of a conscience. Anything goes, as long as it gets them their way.

      Conservatives tend to believe in biblical rights and wrongs, and govern their personal behavior accordingly.

  14. This is just terrible. The FBI should get on this right away, especially if the call was somehow made out of the state where Erick Erickson lives. This is worse than hacking into a computer or on a web site, because somebody could have gotten killed. The FBI should get on this immediately.

  15. I think CNN is waking up and realizing they must do something to get back in favor –

    with anybody!

    (in addition to emergency room televisions)

    and I am wondering why authorities (FBI) can’t track down the idiots who did this – forthwith

  16. Two things:

    1) SWATting is really a dangerous thing to do to somebody. Depending on the situation the SWAT team may not even have to knock. I gotta say – you come bursting into my home in the middle of the night and my hand (as well as my hubbies) is reaching for my weapon. I know I didn’t do anything wrong and if you’re breaking down the door, you don’t have good intentions. Someone is going to get hurt with this ‘prank’. I don’t know if the DOJ can do anything (or will…) but there needs to be someway to trace these little you know what’s and bring them to justice.

    2) No more using the word ‘civility’. I’m sick of it. Politics has never been ‘civil’. There’s simply too much at stake. That doesn’t mean anyone has the right to phone in a 911 call on your political opponents though.

    1. When I worked with the US Army Military Police DLO Platoon (Discipline, Law and Order) and the SRT (Special Reaction Team), calls like that had me more than ready to shoot someone. I can only imagine these guys feel the same, when dealing with such calls. This is a recipe for death, and someone needs to go to prison over it, for a long time. At the very least, this is felonious reckless endangerment, and possibly even attempted murder in the first degree.

  17. Lemon was very careful to keep from mentioning Kimberlan. CNN does not want to get into it with him.

    1. And look how “civil” Erickson was in letting it slide and being a gentleman of a guest.

  18. If I were in Erickson’s shoes, I wouldn’t give a rip about rhetoric because it’s no excuse for harassment or violence. And, in spite of what this host would have us believe, all the ugly rhetoric comes from the Left.

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