CNN finally reporting on the “very real” and “serious federal crimes” of Hunter Biden under investigation by DOJ

CNN is finally covering the “very real” and “serious federal crimes” of Hunter Biden that are being investigated by the DOJ.

CNN’s Evan Perez reports this morning that federal prosecutors have intensified their investigation in the last few months and are focusing on whether Hunter Biden and his associates violated tax and money laundering laws as well as foreign lobbying laws, noting that much of it has to do with Hunter’s time at Burisma where they were paying him $50k a month while his father was Vice President and in charge of handling Ukraine issues.

A CNN legal analyst adds that this is a “very real, very substantial investigation of potentially serious federal crimes” and that “there’s a realistic chance this could result in federal charges”

CNN’s John Harwood actually says “it seems pretty clear that Hunter Biden was trading on his father’s name to make a lot of money.”

Lastly, the RNC was quick to note that CNN is no longer calling the Hunter Biden laptop “Russian disinformation”:

This investigation has been going on since 2018, two years before the 2020 elections and yet only now, in 2022, does CNN actually give this investigation into Joe Biden serious air time.

And yet the one thing they are still refusing to mention is how Joe Biden was involved in all of this, as we learned from the New York Post in October of 2020.

It’s really a pathetic commentary on the state of the Democrat garbage media who ignored the story and did everything they could to protect Joe Biden from all of this in 2020.

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