CNN argues to ‘REFORM’ the filibuster because the Senate killed the Jan 6th commission; And here’s how they want to CHANGE IT

CNN’s John Avlon did one of his explainer segments on the filibuster, explaining that it must be reformed because the country desperately needed the January 6th Commission that was killed in the Senate last week:

My favorite part was where Avlon displayed the graph of how the filibuster has been ‘abused’ in recent years. Yet he failed to point out that most of that abuse came at the hands of Democrats, the minority party, who used the filibuster 327 times just last year, the biggest of which kept the Pandemic aid stalled from September until December. You know, until after the election.

But now that Democrats are back power, the filibuster is bad and must be REFORMED so that it becomes an ineffective tool for the minority to use.

What’s so pathetic about this is that Democrats first tried to make this absurd argument by falsely claiming the filibuster is a ‘relic’ from the Jim Eagle Crow era. Now Democrats are trying to claim it must be reformed because of the January 6th Commission failure, which would have just been a political investigation and not a real one. And, to point out, completely unnecessary despite Avlon saying the failure was a ‘gut punch’ to America.

So what reform are they suggesting? Instead of 60 votes to end the filibuster, Democrats want to switch it to 41 votes needed to sustain the filibuster. While this wouldn’t really change much in the Senate in regards to the filibuster, it would put the onus of filibustering on the minority party instead of it being the responsibility of the majority to meet the bipartisan 60 vote threshold.

In other words this reform is all about pain, because it would force Republicans to keep sustaining the filibuster under growing pressure from Democrats and the media to end it. And because the media is basically an arm of the Democratic party – well I don’t have to tell you that the pressure would be tremendous, to the point of scandal. Just look at the last four years if you doubt me.

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