CNN goes to Michigan, find most think Trump impeachment is a Democrat SHAM

CNN interviews people in Michigan about the Trump impeachment inquiry by Democrats, but find that most think it’s just a sham:

I think those sentiments are more widespread that Democrats would have us believe. And I’m sure this is concerning for Democrats in Michigan, which Trump won in 2016, because they’d love to have Michigan back in the blue.

In related news, Van Jones seems to suggest that impeaching Trump is a lose-lose for Democrats:

Jones shares the story of when he was anti-Clinton back in the 90s. But as soon as Republicans wanted to impeach Clinton, he quickly became a big fan of the adulterous president.

I know that’s anecdotal, but I think it is what we’ll see – on steroids – if Democrats continue on this path. Many already feel empathy for Trump after what the media and Dems have put him through. Add impeachment to the list and he’ll win by even more than he did in 2016.

Go ahead and make this an open thread:

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76 thoughts on “CNN goes to Michigan, find most think Trump impeachment is a Democrat SHAM

  1. I think most of the American people agree with the video except for the Far Left.

    The Dems are so rabidly after Trump I think Pelosi was telling the truth (for once) when she said she doesn’t care if she loses the House. It’s all about destroying Trump.

    1. She’s a liar. No way does she not care about losing the House. She’s just trying to give the impression that power isn’t important to her and that justice for the American people and protecting the elections are what’s important.

    1. As an entrapped citizen of said “Republic”, I usually root for the orange and blue team. So, Boooo Yankees.

  2. The GOP will gain a Senate seat with John James getting elected… the American people are not dumb and can see right through Schiff’s schit and Pelosi’s dentures. We hate injustice and that is what’s going on with President Trump… above all, if he succeeds in outing the Russia Collusion hoaxers, the Dem Party is toast!

    1. No doubt. I can understand why they rallied around Clinton. The media turned it into a case of consensual sex. This is going to be a lot more difficult to spin.

  3. From Ace, via CNN…

    Absolute Shock CNN Poll: It’s not the “True Cons” of the Republican Party Who Are NeverTrump, It Is the Moderate/Left Wing of the GOP That Is NeverTrump

    Surprised? No. No one is surprised.

    But how could this be?

    I have been repeatedly assured by the NeverTrumpers — all of whom are urban professionals with strong liberal sympathies and leanings — that they are in fact not liberal-leaning at all, but in fact the very Truest of all True Conservatives.

    And yet here’s a CNN poll showing that almost everyone in the GOP who is anti-Trump or “NeverTrump” hails from the… left of the party.

    I… I don’t understand it. It’s as if the NeverTrumpers, the same people who lied endlessly about their actual preferred candidate in 2016, are still lying about their actual politics.

    It’s as if a rump of connected-to-corporate-money liberals has been tricking and conning the actual conservative base of the party into supporting a soft liberal rule for decades, and that this cohort — which is no more than 25% of the party, tops — is now angry that they have been found out and ejected from their position of Minority Rule.

    1. No offense but that commentary before the actual findings of CNN is a complete joke. It makes the assumption that the subset of Never Trumpers is the exact same as the moderates. That’s not what the CNN poll says. As far as I know none of the moderates could be Never Trumpers. I know they are,but coming to that conclusion is a farce.

  4. Got to give it to the commies. They have a vast online network of bots and shills with ShareBlue nonsense, posting BS polls how 60% of people want Trump impeached. That’s why their useful idiots thought they had the last election won. What you see online on Twitter, which censors conservatives, is not reality. The average people either are not on those platforms or banned already

  5. Yeah, but Shepard Smith fights for truth and justice, and he wants the President convicted of high crime and misdemeanors, so the American public can go to hell!

    1. you forgot Judge Nap. LOL. I am so glad Trump didn’t consider him for Supreme Court. The guy is a nut. No matter what controversy, which side to blame, he blames Trump and says he has to go to jail. lol

    2. Smith needs to fight for some humility. He’s the most arrogant and self-important CS (guess) I have ever seen in my life.

  6. EDIT…I missed where CNN said that “most” think it’s a sham. My bad.

    …but I think it is what we’ll see – on steroids – if Democrats continue on this path.

    If they continue on this path it won’t be just the fact that they’re trying to impeach that will kill them. It will be the tactics they are using and the corruption behind that.

  7. Today has been a rough day for Democrats and the media attempting to push lies on the nation.

    They are desperate. No swamp creature should be sleeping easy

  8. Funny how the way Trump being targeted frivolously through his entire Presidency has gained him support all by itself. Even people that don’t like him that are intellectually honest are compelled to get behind him. On top of that it has made his supporters more loyal and determined to see him get re-elected.

    Good job you morons.

    1. I think Van Jones nailed it. I may disagree with everything that guy believes in, but he speaks the truth here.

    2. And the little guy is helping him raise lots and lots of $$$. Geesh, am I still alowed to use the would “guy” for the collective lol…sure I am.

    3. Heck it’s what turned me into a supporter. The attacks started before he was inaugurated and I found myself refuting lies, until I just started supporting him.

  9. The media is reporting that LaRouche PAC has come forward in regard to the “eating babies” prank.

    Yes, it was a prank. But why is the media reporting that LaRouche is a group that supports Trump?
    Lyndon LaRouche didn’t like Trump: “no clear principles” was his complaint. LaRouche died last February — so when did this group flip for Trump? Aren’t they environmentalist crazies?

  10. Off topic. Where I live in NE Indiana on a small lake, today it was sunny, 60 degrees, blue sky, and peaceful. Perfect fall day. I hope you all had a great day too. Sometimes we just have to smell the roses.

    In the midst of all of this political stuff, I am glad you guys are here. And thanks to the Right Scoop.

    1. Same here ZombieWoof! A gorgeous fall day (minus the lake, so I’m jealous). A day to thank God for His care and watchfulness. And all the other blessings that go unknown/unrecognized. Until we see up close and personal how the rest of the world lives.

    2. Same here! We may not all agree all the time, but we give each other space. It is so nice to be able to come here and chat with kindred spirits.

      I ran and walked most of the day. it was a bit chilly but sunny.

    3. I miss those days, is SC it hit 100 according to my car, they said the feel like was higher.

  11. I know people don’t like comparing Trump to Reagan but here’s one thing they have in common: They both speak to, and appeal to, the everyday Americans that the Elites – and those that admire the Elites – look down on. That’s why their appeal wasn’t limited to just the Republicans (remember the Reagan Democrats?) and their enemies weren’t just Democrats.

    Their speaking styles may be miles apart, but they each in their own way found a way to communicate directly to the American People without the filter of the corrupt Media. And the People, contrary to what the Elites believe, aren’t stupid. They loved Reagan (remember his funeral?) and they love Trump.

    1. Yep. And, contrary to the elites, we didn’t even need them to translate for us. Not w/ Reagan, not w/ Trump!

    2. After Nixon won, theater critic and elitist Pauline Kael said: “I live in a rather special world. I only know one person who voted for Nixon. Where they are I don’t know. They’re outside my ken. But sometimes when I’m in a theater I can feel them.” Kinda like being able to smell Trump voters in Walmart.

    1. Freebies, gimme’s, you owe me’s folks are the voters. We work our butt off to subsidize the D couch potato’s.

    2. It’s a mental illness just like it’s been said…

      I have a relative (not a young person either–she’s about my age) who’s a seriously flaming liberal–you can’t make any sense out of their “reasoning.”

    3. The party has a weird hold on its members. Most of my family are Democrats, yet their values align more to the Republicans, but they just can’t bring themselves to vote that way.

    4. I think it’s because the Dems have effectively market that “They Care”. It’s a total lie, but one that is believed, and so in our current culture of feelings over facts, people vote for the party that seems to have more feelings.

  12. Oh brother, another WB coming forward. Like I’ve said before, this is boozey ford all over again. These lefties are so mental.

  13. I highly doubt people feel empathy for Trump. He’s his own worst enemy. That being said, the American people are far smarter than the duplicitous Dems give them credit for and that will be the deciding factor – do they or do they not feel the Dems are on a vendetta. That’s all that will matter.

  14. Did you see Joker yet?

    I thought the movie was horrible.

    First, the movie is incredibly dark. The setting is sometime around ’79, ’80, or ’81 with massive unemployment, poverty, homelessness, and a garbage strike in Gotham (sounded like modern reports of from Baltimore or California). For the initial ~40 minutes, viewers watch a man slowly descend into insanity: very dark, and boring.

    Second, Joaquin Phoenix’s character is presented sympathetically. He is portrayed as a victim. He is mistreated by the people he trusted, he is deceived, setup for failure, and then let down by “the system.” The audience is supposed to feel sorry for him. When the movie finally gets to the point where Joker is killing people (c’mon, that’s not a spoiler, you knew he reached that point), every victim kind of deserved it. The “victims” are not portrayed sympathetically. The audience is led to hate these characters.

    Third, the movie celebrates an Antifa-like, semi-organized mob who openly advocate for taking from the wealthy. Some wealthy people (especially the Wayne family) are presented as money-grubbing, insensitive, and callous people. The Antifa-like mob are seen as poor, near helpless victims of the wealthy, but now they’re finally standing up and not take it anymore. I don’t think the movie outright endorses their violence, but the audience is certainly led to feel sorry for them and to see their grievances as legitimate.

    The movie is populist. The rich/poor divide and elite vs. working class struggle is encouraged.

    While I was against spending money to see this, I was not predisposed to hate the movie. I’ve enjoyed other movies in the Batman universe. I even kind of understand, given Heath Ledger’s performance of Joker and his suicide, the new Joker had to be even darker and presented radically differently. I just never imagined they’d make an evil super-villain a victim. This is part of the “graying” of all superheroes: make the heroes less good, have empathy for the villains.

    The acting was very good. Joaquin Phoenix did a great job portraying a very troubled man fighting insanity, struggling with life, and being abused. The jerks came off as jerks, the losers were losers, and the dialogue was believable and natural. I just don’t think watching a loser be a loser and succumb to mental illness is entertainment.

    Tim Pool said it was an amazing movie. He thought the reason the media turned against the movie was because it was a condemnation of wokeness. I definitely didn’t see that, so maybe I have it all backwards. Those of you interested might still want to see it and decide for yourself.

    (in vein of open thread)

  15. Remember when they tried to tell us that the indications of potential bias in the “whistleblower” were just that he was a registered Democrat?

    Now Paul Sperry, who’s usually pretty reliable. has written with just a tad more detail.on the whistleblower:

    BREAKING: The whistleblower is a registered Democrat & CIA analyst who was detailed before the 2016 election to the Obama White House, where he worked on the NSC’s Ukraine desk & met w anti-Trump Ukrainian officials before being sent packing by the Trump NSC & becoming disgruntled.”
    Sooo, not just a registered Democrat, but someone who worked in Ukraine for the Obama administration digging up dirt on Manafort, and Trump by extension.

    IOW, someone who has lots of motivation to try to keep the Barr/Durham investigation from asking too many questions about how Ukraine was involved in the 2016 election.

    Kind of explains why the whistleblower report went to so much trouble to try to paint the Attorney General as Trump’s “personal envoy” instead of the chief law enforcement officer of the U.S.

    Sperry is the only one reporting it right now, but if accurate, then the whole “whistelblower” scheme is going nowhere.

    And it would certainly explain why they are trying so hard to keep his name from being released publicly

    1. Just a distraction to keep America’s eyes off the real scandal. Obama and his Intelligence deep state and four other countries committed the worst treason ever seen in our history. To conspire with other countries and use intelligence actors (Spies) to infiltrate, orchestrate, plant seeds, provide actors posing as Russian assets and setting up Trump and his campaign to take him and others down is beyond criminal.

      Those involved should be marched to the gallows!

  16. Yesterday, I got a weird pain in my jaw. Shortly after, my face flushed, I stared sweating, my heart rate went up, and got a tightness in my chest. I said, welp, I’m 66, probably a good idea to get it checked out. For only a $400 copay, I discovered that I have a 2% chance of having a heart attack in the next month. I tell you what, though, if you want to get right into the ER, tell them you’re having a heart attack, they don’t play.

    1. Wow! Last I remember you were going to lie down and watch some gangster movies. Glad to hear you’re ok.

      The co-pay has been driven up because people abuse the ER. They go for headaches and canker sores. We were lectured about that repeatedly because it costs a fortune for the insurance company for bullcrap that’s not an emergency.

  17. The polls tell a different story… the fact that 2 old white guys still support Trump, isn’t going to stop Trump from impeachment.They can’t defend him of course.

  18. I was recently contacted by a friend who was asking if I had joined the class action lawsuit that was against the Democrat party for using the government as political tools. Does anyone have information on this.? Who to contact.

  19. Funny how when you look back to when clinton was being impeached all the dumbocrats that were around then said impeachment is telling the voter “your vote doesn’t count”, so why all of a sudden OUR VOTES DON’T COUNT NOW???

  20. In the beginning of the 2016 primary, I was a Never Trumper. I stayed that way for a couple of years, but I still voted Republican in 2018. Almost as soon as the Democrats took the House, imagine my surprise that the only thing it took to change my mind about Trump, was the Democrats. P.S. I have sisters who felt the same way as I did initially about Trump, as did my niece and nephew. Talked to my sisters last night, was informed that they and family have also changed their minds, we’ll all be voting for Trump. My family covers 3 States. Thank you Democrats for showing me the way.

  21. I hope the backlash against the Democrats leads to a CRUSHING victory for Republicans in BOTH houses of Congress as well as a landslide Electoral victory for Trump. I will do everything I can to bring that about.

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