CNN hack Brian Stelter gets ZERO credit for this softball, toss-off, self-flagellating, FAKE effort on Hunter Biden

Brian Stelter shocked the world on Sunday by saying that the Hunter Biden investigation is real, not “just a right-wing media story”, and a problem for the Biden family. But that sounds better on paper than the moment actually was.

Don’t forget, it was Brian Stelter leading the charge to call the Hunter Biden story “Russian disinformation” and “classic example of the right-wing media machine.”

And when you watch more of the interview than just the clip floating around on Twitter, you’ll see the self-abusing context of the question. See, Stelty once again brought in someone from Biden-world to complain about the media being unfair, and then agree with that person. Stelter does that a lot, he is always talking about how the media is way too impartial and fair and need to be more in the Democrats’ pocket. It’s one of his main themes.

THAT is the context of his interview, where he asked DOKTER Jill Biden’s former press secretary Michael LaRosa whether Joe should run again in 2024.

The entire interview is almost unbearable thanks to LaRosa’s, um, mannerisms and speaking style let’s say. But this part is representative:

Let’s start the clip where LaRosa is claiming the press are somehow unfair to Biden and Stelter agrees, then asks if Biden should run in 2024.

When Stelter says Biden’s age makes a difference, and LaRosa gets all huffy and says “well, to YOU guys”, the chastened Stelter just swallows it and, by implication, agrees with that, too.

And then they agree the press is getting “WAY AHEAD” of the story.

AHEAD!? AHEAD!!! It’s almost a parody at that point. Then the guy tells Brian what the press SHOULD be focusing on and yet again Stelter eats that and tacitly agrees.

That fat dumb and bald guy – Suuure likes to eat lib shit. dah dah dum dum dah dah.

Classic CNN propaganda. Pretend you’re addressing something so you can dismiss it even more.

PS: This was in the SAME episode. So yea, spare me the journalism award talk for ol’ Stelty just yet, will ya?


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