CNN Harvard grad Boykin tells Acosta he quit Twitter since Musk made it uninviting for “people like me.. who’ve been oppressed”

CNN commentator Keith Boykin, a Dartmouth and Harvard graduated lawyer and bestselling author whose long political career led to a long media career, told Jim Acosta Saturday that he quit Twitter because it’s no longer safe for people like him who have “been oppressed.”

Yes, the wealthy attorney who worked in the Clinton White House and has been a TV host on BET said that people are now free to be mean to him on Twitter, theoretically, and that he won’t be “a part of” a site that would allow that.

He dramatically declared that he “deactivated his account” after Trump was reinstated. “It’s a free-for-all again. I don’t think it’s an inviting place for people like me, for people of color, for people who have been oppressed,” said the rich guy on TV who gets to say whatever he wants about Trump voters without any repercussions.

People who have been oppressed like Boykin, who was also a professor in his career, are “now open to anyone to come and just attack them without any repercussions.”

Poor thing. So oppressed.

“I don’t think this is a good move for Democracy,” said Boykin, without explaining how people criticizing him on Twitter would affect that political concept of electoral systems based on majority voting.

Still, it’s really amazing, though, how rich and famous and platformed you can be while “oppressed” in America, don’t ya think?


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