CNN has figured out WHY the media refused to accept the Wuhan lab leak theory last year…

CNN has figured out why the media refused to accept the Wuhan lab leak for the spread of the coronavirus last year and you won’t believe their rationale:

TRUMP! Seriously.

They literally blame Trump (and Pompeo) for accusing China of leaking the virus and saying they’d seen evidence of it. But because they never shared their evidence, the media didn’t believe Trump and that’s why the media failed to take this lab leak theory seriously last year.

What. A. Load. Of. Crap.

There was plenty of evidence over one year ago, early in the pandemic, that COVID had leaked from a Wuhan lab. Ted Cruz detailed the facts when he was slamming the Washington Post for intentionally ignoring them. Here’s the facts Cruz presented:

The media had all of these facts. But just like the Washington Post, they ignored them and called anyone who suggested the virus leaked from the lab was a conspiracy theorist. Now the media is turning tail and trying to cover up for their malfeasance and they are blaming Trump for them not doing their jobs.

The truth of the matter is CNN and the rest of the media refused to accept the lab leak theory because they viscerally hated Trump and wanted to defeat him in the election. It’s called Trump Derangement Syndrome and they all had a massive case of it. They were at war against Trump in 2020 and they weren’t going to let objective facts get in their way, especially because the president touted them. And only now that all of that is over are they willing to entertain that this lab leak theory might have been legit after all.

Absolute garbage media.

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