CNN in talks to start new ‘crossfire’ show with Newt Gingrich and Stephanie Cutter?

Stephanie Cutter? Really? Can you think of someone else who has less credibility than Stephanie Cutter, to go up against Newt? She will lie to your face to accomplish her agenda. Ugh, I can’t think of a worse idea than hiring Stephanie Cutter to do a news-based show.

As for Newt, I wish him well, but I doubt I will be watching it, not with a parter like Stephanie Cutter.

POLITICO – Earlier this month, news broke that CNN was looking to relaunch Crossfire, the famous debate show that pitted two pundits — one liberal, one conservative — against one another on the political issues of the day.

Sources now tell POLITICO that the network is in discussions with former Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich and former Obama deputy campaign manager Stephanie Cutter about roles on the show.

“They are talking to Cutter and to Gingrich,” a source familiar with the discussions said. “[Cutter] is in discussions; Newt is in discussions too,” another source confirmed.

Spokespeople with CNN did not respond to a request for comment regarding the news. Both Cutter and a Gingrich spokesperson did not respond to emails requesting confirmation.


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82 thoughts on “CNN in talks to start new ‘crossfire’ show with Newt Gingrich and Stephanie Cutter?

  1. Hm, this is interesting. 
    I remember when Newt G. was considered one of the RINOs a year and a half ago.
    He’s going up against a braindead woman.

  2. It’ll only be worth watching if they turn them into animated characters and have the creators of the Simpsons do the dialog.  Scratch that, CNN & Cutter already make it a comedy.

  3. Why they chose Cutter, liberal, a woman, blond and brain dead to truth. You know the same reason they chose Curic to do CBS news. She refused to dye her hair blond so they fired her.

  4. I agree with Scoop on this. I’m surprised Newt is doing anything without Calista.
    I make it an absolute point to not do business with certain people, places and things. CNN is one of them.

  5. This is excellent news.
    Cutter is not smart, and certainly not capable of thinking quickly on her feet.
    Newt will embarrass her daily.  It’ll be fun.

  6. CNN must be looking to cutter oose, a daily debate with Newt will quickly become a daily debacle for good ole stef infection.

  7. Oh please, yet another cable show NOT to watch. I think I’ll be watching something with a little more political “heft” to it, like the “Housewives of Orange County.” Ugh. Pundits never seem to die, they only end up at CNN. Just ask Eliot Spitzer about that.

  8. Still yet to tell ! CNN rating drowned in the water closet, desperation, craps for air is this move, looks like. But I can’t wait to see my fav.Newt roast not only this Cutter, but also put in place Was-a-man Debie, Cowley the debate moderator to name a few. About time for one of our cool fearless warrior Newt to step inside the box and tame these wild mouthpiece demons and order them to say good bye.

    Newt is one of the few fellas among our conservative state that can look straight  at these vile of beings and tell them to fork it ! I can’t hardly wait for the moments if it’s ever going to happen .

  9. I’m not sure “credibility” is a prerequisite for the job  
    Either way, it would be fun to watch Newt mop the floor with the shrew.

    1. Swamp Fox  
       Yes, but it would be soooo much fun to watch Newt beat her like a redheaded stepchild! 
      The problem is these show almost always become people shooting talking points at each other.

  10. It will be interesting to see whether or not Gingrich adheres to conservative talking points. He ran for president in 2012 as a conservative but he has been labeled a moderate Republican by the rank and file.  He accused Paul Ryan of right-wing social engineering regarding Ryan’s budget plan and that woke me up to the realization that Newt is perhaps only conservative when it fits his own narrative.  He’s a nice guy and all of that and he apparently has turned his life around and got right with the Lord.  But I’m really glad he didn’t win the Republican nomination because in my opinion he still has an ego and if he had actually won the White House I could imagine him running the country in a “my way or the highway” fashion. Which the current resident of the White House is also trying to do by the way.
    If Newt sticks to a conservative message and doesn’t allow Stephanie Cutter to influence his beliefs then I might even watch the show on occasion. Erick Erickson of Redstate used to be on CNN and he seemed to do a fairly good job at remaining true to his conservative convictions.  Which could be a difficult task since most of the commentators on CNN are diehard liberals who refuse to accept the proven principle that conservatism has the winning argument and is the best path forward to a prosperous America.  
    Progressive liberal policies are bankrupting the country and corrupting the moral fabric of society in my opinion.  Hopefully Newt Gingrich will not “bow” to the CNN executives liberal agenda like Obama bows to communist dictators around the world. If you don’t stand for something you’ll eventually fall for anything.  If Newt “caves” to the liberal agenda (like Joe Scarborough has done on many occasions at MSNBC) then the show will likely crater and CNN would likely then cancel it in short order.  Like they did with the low rated Eliot Spitzer and Kathleen Parker spectacle. Not that I’m comparing Newt Gingrich to Eliot Spitzer in any way shape or form by the way.  I actually like Newt but I’m a little leery he’ll veer off course like Joe Scarborough has done at MSNBC.  I hope I’m wrong in my assumption.

    1. codenametimna”He accused Paul Ryan of right-wing social engineering regarding Ryan’s
      budget plan and that woke me up to the realization that Newt is perhaps
      only conservative when it fits his own narrative. ”
      After the election, I have begun to wonder if Paul Ryan is only conservative when it fits his narrative too!

  11. The problem is it doesn’t matter what Newt says that is the truth or correct,with libs watching it will go right over their heads.

    1. 57thunderbird 
      The hard left that cares about “news” is watching MSNBC.   The other 95% are watching Dancing with the Stars.

  12. Well, she’s better looking than Axelrod but that’s about the best I can do. I doubt I’d watch so Scoop I’ll wait for you to post the battles. Just wonder when Newt destroys her and her credibility if he’ll be accused of abusing a woman? You’d think they’d get someone worthy of Newt and his intelligence.

  13. Oh please please CNN get the show on the air asap!  I can’t wait to see Newt destroy the Left…and on CNN, no less – Sweet!

    1. Conservative_Hippie Wouldn’t take much to destroy Cutter.The woman is a profound imbecile!

        1. froggy19510 57thunderbird Conservative_Hippie True,but that should only serve to make it easier to make her look like the fool she is!

        2. 57thunderbird froggy19510 Conservative_Hippie 
          You’re right. I can’t even count the number of lies she told. The problem is that the media didn’t report or covered them up. The advantage of this format is that Newt can pin her down and confront her.
          This may be Newts real value to conservatisim.

        3. froggy19510 57thunderbird Conservative_Hippie It may change a few minds on the left,but I wouldn’t count on it.At least it will get our message out.It may be a good opportunity at least to present the case for conservatism.

        4. 57thunderbird froggy19510 Conservative_Hippie That’s true. The average CNN viewer is a coolaid drinker anyway.

      1. 57thunderbird Conservative_Hippie Not only is she a she’s a prolific liar, but she’s also a pompous one.  She’s probably telling herself she can handle Newty, which is laughable…bordering on guffawable (if that’s a word?).

  14. Nobody from the Left can stand up to Newt! He needs to have his own show. Stephanie Cutter is less cognitive than Alan Colmbs and he couldn’t even keep up with loveable, but amateurish Hannity. The show will be called “Gingrich” within a year. Mark my words.

    1. Loooove it! His own show…sigh if he can’t be president than I would love an avenue for him to school the low-info voter!

    1. gothicreaderShe wouldn’t recognize the irony… One of my favorite quotes:
      “Arguing with liberals is like playing chess with a pigeon. No matter how
      good I am at chess, the pigeon is just going to knock over all the
      pieces, crap on the board, and strut around the table looking

  15. there is nothing more awesome than watching Newt wipe the floor with liberal’s faces……I will watch and pop some corn to boot!

    1. nibblesyble And it’s for that reason alone that I don’t give the show more than a couple of months before CNN pulls the plug.

    2. nibblesyble Nibbles, your kiddos are gorgeous!  
      Stephanie Cutthroat must think an awful lot of herself to think she can go up against Newt.

      1. nibblesyble 
        I agree with you – he is NOT a fool.
        But why go to the left’s home field and try to engage a liar on her home turf? Regardless of how brilliant he is… or how great a debater he is… I believe she will lie her butt off, as she always has, and that CNN will spin all comments to the left’s side and possibly back her lies.
        I’d like to see Newt engage in this sort of debate on a neutral or right-leaning site.
        We’ll see what comes of this… light can be very compelling when it shines in the darkness.

  16. Remember the election and ALL the VILE she spewed?
    She is disgusting – Then again  – so is CNN
    I guess Newt must be desperate for cash to lower himself to her level and to appear on CNN 
    If Newt maintains his standards – This will be a TKO every time – 
    IF he maintains his standards

  17. “Stephanie Cutter? Really? Can you think of someone else who has less credibility than Stephanie Cutter, to go up against Newt?”  Why yes I can Scoop, Debbie Corkscrew Hair Washerboard comes to mind.

    1. @Orangeone Or the worst moderator in Presidential debate history hands down…Candy Crowley.

  18. Stephanie Cutter?  I couldn’t stand looking at that liar for one minute let alone a whole show.  Sounds like a move CNN would make.

  19. Why in the world would anyone think Stephanie Cutter was an asset? She’s a psychopathic liar and a first class bitch.

  20. They just better not use a bullseye in any of their Crossfire graphics, because then they could be tied some murderous psychopath somewhere…

  21. Cutter is a total turn off (might be that smug smirk she has). If I were to use her, I would pair her up against Ted Nugent and watch the fireworks.

    A better match for Newt would be Pat Cadell, both are old time politicos and can be quite enlightening most of the time without relying on dogma or personal attacks.

    1. Pat Cadell has the annoying habit of calling the left out at times when they are wrong. They would never let him be on CNN especially with Newt. He is not a rabid leftist.

  22. “Stephanie Cutter? Really? Can you think of someone else who has less credibility than Stephanie Cutter?”
    I would have to say no, because I haven’t any idea who “Stephanie Cutter” is.

  23. Well, I guess you can look at it another way.  Gingrich is an old pro and he’s great in situations like this.  He should be able to make her look as dumb as she is with no trouble at all.

    1. comoesta3 Bingo, we have a winner, the more Newt can make Steponme look bad the better it is for those on the right.

    1. Matt2Matt Now go wash your mouth out…that was as disgusting a verbal image as could ever be seen.

  24. Let me inform CNN that hiring a lying lib is not a credible opponent for Newt.  This is like pitting Pee Wee Herman against Alan West!  What a waste of time for anyone with a brain.

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