CNN is MELTING DOWN over what Trump just said to ABC news

OH boy, CNN and MSNBC is absolutely melting down over what el Trumpo said about maybe possibly probably being open to getting opposition research from China and Russia to help him in 2020.

Watch below:

I mean the thing is, he does say he probably would call the FBI. I think Stephanpoopolous was probably trying to get him to say that he would have called the FBI, so that he could go AHA why didn’t your people do it before? But as we all know, Trump doesn’t go for all that. He just said, eh, yeah I would do it!!

They’re going nuts:

Is it bad? Yeah, kinda. No one cares. Democrats will screech and howl for a few days, Republicans will pretend they never screeched and howled about the threat of Russia in 2012, and we all just move on….

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