CNN legal contributor named as co-conspirator with Avenatti…and CNN just fired him!

When it rains it pours….right on CNN’s head.

Not only is CNN reeling from the news of Trump’s vindication, but their favorite celebrity attorney has just been arrested and charged with trying to extort Nike.

Now it turns out that a long-time CNN legal contributor has been named as a co-conspirator with Michael Avenatti.

Mark Geragos.

Geragos is (or was) also the lawyer for……wait for it……Jussie Smollett. …And Colin Kaepernick.

He also represented Michael Jackson and Chris Brown.

That’s right:

Today, U.S. attorneys indicted not only Trump-era villain and creepy porn lawyer Michael Avenatti, but also celebrity attorney Mark Geragos as a co-conspirator. The nation’s two most famous legal frauds now face charges related to an extortion scheme.

Avenatti’s been a walking dumpster fire and foil to the Trump presidency, but Geragos has scammed the system for years, representing not just the dregs of Hollywood — Chris Brown for domestic violence and Michael Jackson for pedophilia — but also #Resistance heroes such as Colin Kaepernick and hate-crime hoaxer Jussie Smollett. Much like Avenatti, Geragos never met a camera he didn’t love, and now the pair are finally facing their comeuppance in criminal court.

Between Attorney General William Barr effectively exonerating Trump of impeachable offenses and Avenatti finally facing criminal charges, what’s the true cherry on top for the best 24 hours of Trump’s presidency, if not his entire life? Geragos is also an official legal analyst for CNN.

He WAS an official legal analyst with CNN. They just fired him:

Trump must be having the best day ever!


I just have to throw this in here…

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80 thoughts on “CNN legal contributor named as co-conspirator with Avenatti…and CNN just fired him!

  1. :thumbsup: Love Ava Armstrong’s brilliant tweet. :clapping:

    Seeing slimeballs, Michael Avenatti and now former CNN legal anaylist, Paul Farhi being charged for conspiracy to bribe and extort Nike is a beautiful sight. Pucker up fellas! Bubba needs fresh meat.

  2. LOL!!! Tucker Carlson had interesting guests tonight; he asked Mark Steyn why CNN, MSNBC and the democrats always align themselves with the most unsavory, disgusting characters…, don’t we all know that unsavory, disgusting characters are liars, cheats, whores and other scum and villainy? That would include all progressives, regardless of which side of the aisle they are on. None of them can win on any level honestly, so….what you get is the Clinton Russian collusion, which they tried to pin on Trump.

  3. Just hearing there’s new calls for house intel chair Schiff to resign over collusion conspiracy. The hits just keep on coming!!

  4. Geragos looks like an old drunk in that photo…At least he’ll get a chance to sober up in prison.

    1. @mst3k Lookin’ a bit rough around the edges, he is….I’m sure jail will improve that. *cough* cough*

    2. @mst3k He better have someone on the outside to send him regular shipments of soap-on-a-rope.

      Avenatti had better get used to having stretch marks.

  5. Gosh, I really don’t like to gloat. No I don’t. That’s why I’m not enjoying this AT ALL. Well, maybe a little… 😆 😆 😆

    1. @nc checks and balances – I envision you saying that with your faced buried in a towel while laughing.

  6. Think there’s a couple of vacant cots at GITMO, although Devil’s Island would seem more appropriate for these bottom dwellers.

  7. From #CreepyPornLawyer to #CreepyPrisonBitch in less than 48 hours. Freaking awesome. Add in that dirtbag Geragos and it’s just MAGAbonus time!

  8. You know, I don’t like seeing people have to pay for these lies. That part of it bothers me. But the media have been due a reckoning.

    It’s here, and it’s not over. Not by a long shot.

    We really do need to restore the libel laws to some semblance of balance.

    Hands up, don’t shoot. Trump’s a Russian spy. Kavanaugh ran a secret gang rape cartel. Covington kids assaulted a vet.

    Never forget that these lies–and yes, they were outright lies–were deliberately peddled by all the same people for all the same reasons

    1. These lies are generated by PEOPLE, K-bob. People who ascribe to the demonrats philosophy of ‘pass it around’ first, and verify it later. Will this teach them ANYTHING? NO. Because when members of the lefty squad screw up this badly, they are simply disenfranchised and disowned. The pack will persevere.

  9. Was also the lawyer for scumbag Scott Peterson (now sitting on death row in California) for murdering his pregnant wife and unborn child. 😡

    The fact that they nabbed Geragos couldn’t have happened to a nicer person!

    1. The idiot goobenor of California got rid of the death penalty here. Not what the citizens voted for in a referendum, but when have leftists democrats ever done the will of the people?

  10. ALWAYS had an ‘off’ vibe around Geragos and I’ve been watching him for years.. (anyone who could defend Scott Peterson has to have a messed up moral compass). The same yuck-o vibe I have when I see Avenatti. The swamp critters in this country are being PURGED!

  11. Not really a good week for CNN, I think.

    I can imagine them pounding the walls and praying to (Vishnu? Buddha? Margaret Sanger?) for a quick distraction in the news cycle. A nice war, terror attack or natural disaster would do. The peons can’t be allowed to dwell on Trump triumphs.

    1. There’s a lot of truth in that. They need a distraction of sorts.
      “Never let a good crises go to waste”

  12. This sounds about right. Anyone surprised? CNN doesn’t care who they have on as long as they say the things they want to hear. Avenatti has always been an obvious sleazeball. I don’t know anything about Geragos but that’s quite a list of upstanding clients he has.

    1. His client list is literally the who’s who of death row, San Quentin. Have to possess some element of sleaze to mingle w/ THAT particular crowd of degenerates.

  13. Oh ho ho, looks like Future President Avenatti has found his press secretary!

    Or maybe WH staff counsel.

    Either would be a good fit.

  14. Geragos is one of the ones who was ‘pushing’ corporations and individuals (politicians mainly) to jump on the SJW bandwagon. Perhaps the SJWs bandwagon wheels are about to come off in MeToo style.

    Ahhh, Deraaaaining theeee Swaaaaamp…. glurp. glurp.

  15. Couldn’t have happened to a better pair of ambulance chasing pseudo lawyers! 😆 😆 😆

  16. Can’t say I’ll miss seeing Geragos. Besides the fact he’s another sleaze I don’t watch the Communist News Network

    1. The humor gene in liberals atrophied out about sixty years ago.
      Science is working on a cure but so far the results are not promising.

  17. ….this Guy is Truly the world’s greatest Con-Man,he must have conned Gergos and CNN out of something.I wonder what he conned the lady in red with the Cleavage out of. Lots of Pun intended

  18. Talk about karma for CNN!! They’re spinning this like crazy… how much lower can they go!?

  19. Ladies and gents…. any spare money you have – put it in popcorn and beer shares now!!!!
    This election cycle is already off to a great start, and it`s not even 2020 yet.

    1. WendzPNW

      Invest in Shovels. The Democrats can never seem to get their hands on enough shovels.

      1. @lurker_joe :thumbsup:

        Obama: “The stimulus package I am asking for will create millions of shovel ready jobs.”

        Rush Limbaugh: “My dog creates more shovel ready jobs than Obama has.”

  20. Michael Avenatti Got Arrested —

    abbreviated that would be: M.A.G.A

    That never gets old.


    1. I don’t think people will like it as much when it stands for Michael Avenatti Gets Acquitted.

      The Future President ain’t going down like this.

      1. Fat chance. Avenatti is SCUM and deserves to be flushed down with the rest of the finless brown trout.

        1. You should talk with more respect for the future president. Even if you don’t like him, you should respect the office.

          Or so I’m told.

            1. If AT is being sarcastic, then I apologize. If not…..
              I have a particular dislike for that Asshat Avenatti. Sometimes it gets to me.

      2. I`d prefer the MAGA to stand for Michael Avenatti Gets A** whooped….especially in jail. And he will spend a lot of time in the prison informery because of his optical anal disease….he can’t see his butt getting acquitted
        😀 .

    2. WendzPNW

      Imagine being a dem, and after that long ride to almost the top of the rollercoaster, arms and fists raised in unison, then it just stops, without warning. 😆

  21. What a Monday for CNN! Is the network on suicide watch yet? What a lousy two and a half years these clowns have had.

    1. Suicide watch? Nah.

      In this case, it’s… Suicide Theater. Eventually their ratings will fall so badly that Chris Cuomo and Brian Stelter will take turns holding an apple while the other throws knives at the other on live broadcast. Unfortunately they’re both incompetent so it’ll probably take a while for natural selection to run its course.

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