CNN mocks Trump’s list of terror attacks the media is HIDING

Earlier Trump said that the media was hiding a bunch of terror attacks because of their left-wing bias, and afterward Sean Spicer promised that they would supply the media with a list of these attacks.

Not surprisingly, the list includes attacks widely reported for days and days, and multiple spelling errors, because they take their job seriously.

The Muslim collaborators at CNN mocked the list, thereby clearly revealing themselves to be secret ISIS operatives:

Jim Acosta calls it a “headscratcher”:

Apparently, of the 78 times they mentioned the word “attacker,” they misspelled it 24 times. Dang.

I really think he’s indulging in Gateway Pundit and Infowars conspiracy theories for the disease-minded, fever-swamp right. There’s always a kernel of truth, but Trump has to exaggerate wildly, delegitimize the honest criticism, and make us all look stupid in the process.

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