CNN panel laughing at obvious Trump narrative every time Kayleigh McEnany speaks! SAD!!

Kayleigh McEnany has traded in whatever dim intellectual powers she used to wield in exchange for a degree with summa cum loud honors from Trump University!! You can see the results of that failed experiment as the entire CNN panel bursts into laughter at the end of her attempts to push the Trump narrative today!

Here she is actually wishing that Republicans were more like Democrats, and she blames the divisiveness on Mitt Romney and Ted Cruz – the panel laughs after rebutting her with the most obvious point ever:

Here’s the NEXT time that she whines about Republicans not just shutting up and coronating the Donald. She says that Trump is threatening the establishment’s “country club,” and it’s so ridiculous the panel just laughs and ignores the insult:

And AGAIN she whines about the Republican bickering by shoe-horning that as the real reason that Trump’s policies are turning off women, minorities and the youth. The panel has a great laugh about that, and then they take her down one by one.

I’ve noticed that Trumpers are really pushing one talking point since last night – “let’s stop bickering and all get behind the front-runner!” They must have noticed that this latest attack on Ted Cruz from Trump where he mocked his wife just isn’t as popular as making fun of a disabled reporter or slapping around John McCain.

Even so, the desperate and inane attempts by McEnany to push Trumpism were obliterated and ridiculed by the rest of the panel. As they should be.

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