CNN releases report about Democrats becoming Trump supporters that Trump is gonna LOVE LOVE LOVE

CNN has a new report out tonight about blue collar mining workers in Minnesota, a state Trump barely lost in 2016, who used to vote Democratic but now are big Trump supporters:

Knowing Trump, he’ll have this CNN report posted first thing in the morning. It’s right up his alley.

The report starts out with the mayor of Eveleth saying that thousands of people are switching from being staunch Democrats to support Trump, because he supports mining. They mine a mineral used in the creation of steel.

One man in the town says that Democrats have moved far left and Republicans have become much more about the worker. Some of them still vote Democrat for local elections, but they’ll be voting for Trump in 2020. And who knows, it might be enough to push the state in the red for Trump.

Watch the report for more…

I’m gonna make this an open thread, but instead of posting a Dodo video, I’ve got something a little different for ya:

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