CNN reporter suggests SCOTUS Justices deciding fate of Biden’s college debt forgiveness are WEALTHY OUT OF TOUCH ELITES

A CNN reporter named Devan Cole wrote a ridiculous article yesterday suggesting that the Justices on the Supreme Court, who are deciding the case against Biden’s plan to forgive student-loans, are ‘nine relatively wealthy people’.

Cole opened his article by saying “The fate of President Joe Biden’s student loan forgiveness program that would impact scores of borrowers from a wide array of colleges and socioeconomic backgrounds lies in the hands of nine relatively wealthy people who graduated from a short list of elite private schools.”

He argued that the nine justices are a “small group of jurists who are far from being representative of the borrowers that could benefit from the relief”.

Cole goes on to write about the salaries, ivy league schooling and financial assistance of the nine justices to further his idiotic point.

As if this has anything to do with this case whatsoever.

The case being heard by the Supreme Court today is about whether Biden has the constitutional authority to forgive student loan debt with the stoke of his pen. It has nothing to do with the lived experiences of these nine justices.

And by the way, Biden clearly does NOT have this authority and I feel certain the justices will come to that same conclusion later this year.

Even Biden himself said last year that he doesn’t have the authority to forgive student loans, which was backed up by Nancy Pelosi saying the same and emphasizing that it would take an act of Congress:

They both did a quick 180 on this when they feared the magnitude of losses during the midterm and sought to offer a bribe to the American people.

Up to this point the courts have not allowed Biden’s plan to go into effect while the case is being heard, which is another indicator that what Biden is trying to do is illegal.

But none of this matters to this leftist CNN reporter who really needs to be fired by the new CEO. This article is proof of that.

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