CNN reporting that Biden lying about the advice he got on Afghan withdrawal is a big problem [VIDEOS]

Biden has been exposed again today as a big fat liar, and even CNN is forced to report on it and acknowledge it’s a big problem:

In this first video, Kaitlin Collins points out that the White House will try and hide behind the fact that Biden included the caveat ‘that I can recall’ when saying his top generals didn’t advise him to keep a troop presence in Afghanistan. But she notably points out the absurdity of that defense, asking how could he not recall advice so critical over exiting Afghanistan.

In a different segment, CNN’s Gloria Borger says it’s a real problem for Biden but then began to defend him as someone who is known to reject the advice of generals in the past. But the CNN host quickly challenged her (and surprisingly), suggesting the president lied about the advice from his generals:

I know I know, this is tame considering the huge outrage and scandal there would be had Trump lied about advice from his generals and everything blew up in his face like it did with Biden. This is not even close to that.

But even so, it’s worth pointing out that even Biden’s biggest fans in the media are having to report and discuss how he lied to the American people about the advice he got and the end result was disaster.

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