CNN reports GRUESOME murder scene at border, not far from where Acosta said everything is awesome

Jim Acosta proved yesterday the barriers on the border work, much to his chagrin. But as we all know, he was actually trying to undermine the president’s message that there’s a crisis at the border.

Well just on the other side of the border, about 50 miles down the road, there was a gruesome murder scene in a small town where 20 people were found burned to death:

CNN – Mexican authorities found at least 20 bodies, most of them burned, along a dirt road in the northern state of Tamaulipas near the US border, officials said.

The bodies were found Wednesday afternoon near four charred pickup trucks and a sedan in the rural community of Refugio Hinojosa near the town of Miguel Aleman, federal police said.

Several photos provided by police showed some remains next to the burned-out wreckage of the vehicles.

The incident appeared to be the result of a confrontation between two criminal gangs, Tamaulipas Attorney General Irving Barrios Mojica told journalist Carmen Aristegui in an interview for her radio show in Mexico. Aristegui is also the host of a show on CNN en Español.

He said some of the victims had been wearing “tactical vests with military-type uniforms” and bullets were found nearby that came from weapons typically only used by the military.

Barrios Mojica indicated the area where the bodies were found is being fought over by criminal gangs looking to traffic drugs, weapons and people.

The remains were found about 56 miles west of McAllen, Texas, where President Donald Trump traveled on Thursday to meet with border patrol agents and talk about border security.

Even CNN was pointing out how close it was to McAllen Texas with a map showing the burned bodies…

This further undermines Acosta’s ridiculous stunt yesterday to try and claim there’s no crisis at the border. Yes, this sounds like local gang crime in Mexico, but it’s right there at the border and could have easily had something to do with drugs or something else coming over (or under) the border. We don’t know the details, but with that kind of violence happening in border cities, it’s common sense to have a secure border with a wall that keeps that kind of violence out.

(h/t: DC)

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