CNN reports on horrific Tren de Aragua gang but leaves one major detail out… [VIDEO]

CNN did a pretty good report on the horrific gang from Venezuela called Tren de Aragua, which has been terrorizing South American countries for several years.

Here’s the report:

CNN even had an FBI agent from El Paso confirm that Tren de Aragua has entered the country, saying “they have followed the migration paths across South America to other countries…and that they appear to have followed the migration north to the United States.”

What do they conveniently leave out? That this violent gang has infiltrated the US via Joe Biden’s open southern border. Heck, they don’t even mention Biden’s name in the report at all!

Now you know that if this were 2019 and Tren de Aragua had just infiltrated the US via the southern border, they would have NEVER left out the detail that this was Trump’s border. They would have smeared him with that 24/7 and found victims of the brutal gang to tell their horror stories.

But since Biden is their guy and they hate Trump, CNN completely leaves out that crucial detail. It’s the same garbage journalism that CNN is known for and it’s disgusting.

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