CNN reports that Biden admin starting from SCRATCH on vaccine distribution, but Fauci says NOT TRUE

CNN has been reporting all day that Biden’s administration is having to start from SCRATCH when it comes to distributing the vaccine:

Common sense would suggest that simply isn’t true, otherwise tons of people wouldn’t have already been vaccinated. But common sense doesn’t thrive over at CNN.

A little while ago Fauci was asked about this and he said that it’s not true at all:

There’s obviously activity in the distribution channels and I’m glad Fauci said so. Of course, he suggested Biden was going to increase it, but according to what we heard earlier today that isn’t really true either. As we reported earlier, an AP reporter asked Biden if he should go bigger than 100 million vaccines in 100 days, because that’s where the US is right now. Biden scoffed at him.

Clearly Biden’s plan isn’t ramping anything up yet. According to Bloomberg, since vaccinations began on December 14th, there’ve already been 18.4 million vaccine doses given as of today.

Biden’s had nothing to do with this so far and it’ll probably take a little while before he can actually claim credit for any vaccine distribution. Trump really set him up well, despite what the fake news media says.

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