CNN RESPONDS to Acosta BAN – says White House is LYING!!! [Updated]

So now everyone who dislikes Trump says Acosta didn’t touch that girl, and everyone who worships Trump says that he knocked her down and kicked her in the face multiple times.

And CNN is calling Sarah Huckabee Sanders a liar:

And they’re posting receipts!!

I am not allowed to comment as I will be excoriated and assailed either way. It suffices to say that this video will be completely different depending on whether you think Trump is the emperor we’ve all been waiting for, or if you think he’s the lovechild of Satan and Hitler. Which I’m pretty sure is actually Justin Bieber. But no one cares what I think.


OK… actually this video does seem to show that Acosta might have pushed down on the lady’s arm:

This is the new Zapruder film.

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